Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough
The deal going on in The Lost and Damned.
The deal going on in The Lost and Damned.

The deal going on in The Lost and Damned.
Game The Lost and Damned
For Ray Boccino
Target Luis Lopez, Gay Tony and Evan Moss
Location Algonquin
Unlocks Collector's Item
Unlocked by Bad Standing and Shifting Weight

Diamonds in the Rough is a mission in The Lost and Damned and also appears under a different name in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Ray Boccino to Johnny Klebitz


Ashley Butler calls Johnny and tells her that Ray needs his help. Ray explains that Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, and his bodyguard Luis Fernando Lopez, are gaining some diamonds and he wants them.

Johnny then meets up with a group of the Broker chapter of The Lost Brotherhood, and proceeds to crash the diamond deal. After a brief struggle in which Luis notices the bikers and alerts the others, Johnny and a few members proceed to follow a Stretch carrying the diamonds, and instructs another group of Lost members to follow Gay Tony and Luis. The chase to get the diamonds consists of a Stretch and a PMP 600, in which. When the limo stops the last guy who escapes is Gay Tony's boyfriend Evan Moss, who drops the diamonds.

After gaining the diamonds Ray instructs Johnny to place half of the diamonds in two different trash bags to "be picked up by my boys".

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  • This mission is only one of two times you see Tony without glasses. The other time is the cutscene of Bang Bang.
  • The mission reappears in The Ballad of Gay Tony, which the mission is pointed out that Luis and Gay Tony must escape The Lost members chasing them.
  • This mission is connected to Niko's Taking in the Trash, who had to collect the diamonds left by Johnny from the trash cans with Luca and his partners.
  • If you call Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons for back up before you reach the deal, they'll arrive with two extra Lost members and help you with Evan and his men.
  • In TLAD's version of this mission, Luis, Gay Tony, and Evan all flee in Stretch limos, but in TBoGT's version, they flee in Stretch Es. Also, unlike the TBoGT version, the APC that appears halfway into the TBoGT version never appears in TLAD's version. Overall, despite being the same mission, just in two different perspectives, there are a few important differences.
  • No matter what vehicle Johnny drives to trigger the mission, he is on his Hexer after the cutscene and cannot switch to another bike. This makes chasing Evan difficult as the Hexer has poor at-speed handling compared to the Bati 800 (definitely try to avoid doing this mission in rainy weather).
  • Depending on how long it takes to destroy Evan's vehicle, the chase may exit Broker and enter Algonquin. No matter where Evan is killed, however, radio and news website reports after will say he was killed in Broker.