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The following is a script of the mission Bad Standing in The Lost and Damned.


Ray: Gentlemen.

Jim: Johnny. You remember Ray, right?

Johnny: Yeah. How you doing?

Ray: How'm I doin'? I got the feds all over me, I got a boss who's got a paranoid wreck, and I got a guy above me in the food chain with a brain like an over-cooked artichoke. Things are great.

Johnny: Yeah? Sounds like shit to me but whatever. So, uh, why are you here?

Ray: I heard you boys was having a little internal dispute.

Johnny: Where'd you hear that from?

Ray: From Ashley.

Johnny: You friends with Ashley?

Ray: Everybody's friends with Ashley, tough guy... Ah you know... she's a good kid and all. A little messed up, but, you know she needed a friend.

Jim: Ray told us where Brian is.

Johnny: Oh yeah where? And how the hell does he know?

Ray: Alright... don't go breakin' my balls, alright? I talked to Brian a half an hour ago. And listen, I understand where you guys are coming from - and on one hand, I don't give a shit. Bunch of grease monkeys want to have an all out gangbang, be my guest. You're all adults. Sort of. But right now, I need calm. Billy's on the inside, I need a steady flow of merchandise, so it's in my interest to see that you boys calm things down. End this little squabble and get back to work. See yous later.

(Ray leaves)

Jim: Yeah, see ya later Ray... So what do ya think Johnny?

Johnny: I think that guy makes my skin crawl, but now that you mention it so does Brian, and right now he's our problem.

Terry: God dammit, Brian was my brother.

Johnny: Yeah he was, but so were a lot of people. I don't feel like that shit means too much anymore.

Terry: So?

Johnny: So I'm going to go pay Brian a visit, see just what that fat fucker's problem is. See y'all later.


(Johnny goes to Brian's safehouse and sees him talking on the phone)

Brian': I mean I wouldn't want to be in prison or anything, but I, you know, I'd take it. Fucking Johnny the rat.

(Johnny receives a text message from Jim)

Dude, you ever need some help, Terry and Clay can back you up. Just call one of em.


Now that you're chapter leader you should take advantage. Get Terry and Clay up off their asses and make em help you.

(Johnny enters the house and begins to fight more of Brian's faction)

Lost: Shit, Johnny's here.


Lost: Johnny's here!

Lost: Fuck! It's Johnny.

Johnny: You're mine, you weasel.

Johnny: I always knew you were a chump, you little fuck.

Johnny: Brian, brother, it's time.

Johnny: Brian, you little bitch, come out to play.

Johnny: We were your brothers, Brian.

Johnny: Brian! Brian!

Johnny: Billy's not here to protect you, Brian.

Johnny: Where are you, you anti-Semitic cocksucker.

Johnny: Where are you, little girl?

Johnny: You ripped this gang apart, assholes.

Johnny: Oh Brian. Johnny's here.

Johnny: Time to say goodnight, Brian.

Lost: Why isn't Klebitz dead yet?

Lost: Look after Brian!

Lost: Help Brian, will you?

Lost: Take out Johnny.

Lost: Take out Klebitz.

Lost: I don't care if he's a brother, get Johnny.

Lost: Protect that little guy!

Lost: Get on Brian, he can't look after himself.

Lost: This is civil war now, get Johnny.

Lost: Someone kill Klebitz.

Lost: Guess we've got to protect Brian.

Lost: Shit, someone look after Brian.

(Johnny finds Brian)

Brian: Please, Johnny, please. I'll be good. I'll leave and never come back.

Brian: Lost MC forever, my brother. Don't do it. I'll leave the city, I promise you man.

Brian: You wouldn't kill a brother, you wouldn't. I'll be a ghost man, gone!

Brian: Johnny, man, Billy put me up to it. I'll get out of town.

Brian: You swore an oath, Johnny. Don't do this to your brother, man. I'll get out of town.

Brian: Billy put me up to it, please. I'll disappear.

(If Johnny executes Brian)

Brian: I'm sorry! Please!

Johnny: Come on. For once, do not be a bitch. You've got to take it like a man.

(Johnny shoots Brian in the chest and he falls to the ground)

Johnny: Fuck you, Brian.

(If Johnny decides to spare Brian, he will run out of the house)

Johnny: That guy was too pathetic to kill. He's already dead anyway.

Extra dialogue

(If Johnny calls Clay for backup)

Clay: Johnny.

Johnny: Clay, I'm at Brian's place. You guys want to come here and help me with him?

Clay: Right on, Brother. Me and Terry can go 'round the back and wait for him. If you send a grenade in the window, that should smoke him right out to us.

Johnny: Sounds good.

(If Johnny calls Terry for backup)

Terry: How's my brother, Brian?

Johnny: He's held up tight in his safehouse. You want to come over to help me get him out?

Terry: Alright, man, alright. We can wait out back for him. All you got to do is scare him out here into our arms. Can you do that?

Johnny: Let's see.

(Terry and Clay arrive)

Terry: Me and Clay gonna go 'round back. Smoke out Brian.


Terry: We're gonna go 'round back, flush him out. Yeah?

Terry: I'm gonna wait for our brother round back with Clay. Send him out to us, will you?

(Terry and Clay run to the back of the house)

Johnny: Make sure the right people die today, boys.


Johnny: Knock 'em dead brothers.

Johnny: Stay strong, brothers.

(If Johnny goes to the back of the house with them)

Johnny: Okay, guys. Let's finish this.


Johnny: Alright there, fellas.

Johnny: Brothers. Let's do it.

(If Johnny goes inside with Terry and Clay)

Johnny: You're a good man, Terrence.


Johnny: Shit Terry, let's get him.

Johnny: Brian's mine, Terry.

(Johnny goes alone to confront Brian)

Johnny: Wait here, man. I'm going up.


Johnny: Wait here, T. I'm heading up.

Johnny: You hold this floor, man. I'll find the little shit.

Post mission phone calls

Brian spared

Jim: Johnny?

Johnny: James, I couldn't do it, man. He's getting out of town. It's hard to kill a man when he isn't behaving like one.

Jim: I know what you mean. Let's just hope he's not planning anything else. Later on, man.

Brian killed

Jim: Jonathan, where's Brian?

Johnny: Halfway to Hell, my brother. We don't need to worry about that little fucker pulling nothing.

Jim: Good to know, I'll stop looking over my shoulder. Well, until Billy gets out of prison, at least. Stay in touch.

Post mission text messages

You should sleep in Brian's old apartment - he won't be turning up there again. Sure beats that old bed at the clubhouse.

Me and the boys have fixed up Brian's apartment after the fire. You should sleep there. It's still a shithole, but might be better than that old bed at the clubhouse.

Failing the mission

Brian escapes

Jim: What happened, Johnny?

Johnny: The little bastard slipped through my fingers, man. I hope he doesn't stay disappeared for too long. I'll call you.

Johnny's bike destroyed

Jim: Johnny. What happened?

Johnny: Nothing, man. I mean, my bike's fucked so I'm having trouble keeping perspective.

Jim: Oh, okay, man. Cool. We'll fix her up. It's not the end of the world.