Bike Salesman

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Toni Cipriani deciding which customer to assist outside Hogs 'n' Cogs in Belleville Park.
Toni Cipriani attempting to sell a Sanchez to a customer by performing stunts

Bike Salesman is an side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The player can access the mission at the Hogs 'n' Cogs business, located in Belleville Park, Staunton Island. It is unlocked after the player completes the mission Driving Mr. Leone. The mission can only be accessed between the times of 8:00 and 18:00. The goal for this dealership is to sell all 40 motorbikes, with each bike having ten in stock. After the player has sold all of them, Hogs 'n' Cogs will pay up to $3,000 in protection money, as it is now an asset.

This side mission is required for completion.


It is pretty much the same as Car Salesman; there are four customers who each want something different in a vehicle (in this case a motorbike), and the player has to show them what it is capable of. Also for this one, every five bikes the player sells will earn the player a bonus.


The customer on the far left wants a vehicle that can run over multiple people and evade the police. The player has to drive around and run over different pedestrians, and lose wanted levels. But for some reason you can run over pedestrians or just drive on the sidewalk around the stadium and around the stadium parking lot. The meter does not decrease, and will increase if the player does the aforementioned things.


The customer next to the one on the far left wants a fast bike. For this one, the player has to drive around the Liberty City Memorial Stadium and back. The meter will decrease with collisions or slow driving.


The customer next to the far right wants a slow bike. The player has to smoothly and rather slowly go around the fire station in Belleville Park. The meter will decrease with slow driving (not moving at all) and collisions.


The customer on the far right wants a bike for off-road uses. The player just has to drive outside paved roads, like sidewalks and grassy areas. The meter will decrease only if you don't drive.

Failing the mission

There are four ways the player can fail this mission. He/She could leave the car lot, kill the customer, let the sales bar reach zero, or let the time drop to zero.


In the PlayStation Portable version of the game, playing the mission for too long will result in the PCJ-600 not spawning at all, negating the opportunity to gain completion.