Driving Mr. Leone

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Driving Mr Leone
Salvatore Leone telling Toni Cipriani that he thinks the city Mayor Roger C. Hole is setting him up.

Salvatore Leone telling Toni Cipriani that he thinks the city Mayor Roger C. Hole is setting him up.
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Salvatore Leone
Target Take Salvatore Leone to Staunton Island
Location Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Death of Toni Cipriani
Arrest of Toni Cipriani
Death of Salvatore Leone
Arrest of Salvatore Leone
Reward $4,000
Unlocks A Walk in the Park
Staunton Island
5-star wanted level
Unlocked by The Trouble With Triads

Driving Mr Leone is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Salvatore Leone from his home in the Saint Mark's district of Portland, Liberty City.


A paranoid Salvatore holds Toni at gunpoint just as Toni enters the room, accusing him of an unknown act. Realising his paranoia, he quickly shifts blame from Toni to Mayor Roger C. Hole, whom he accuses of blaming of the city's woes, including those that Salvatore claims he is not responsible for, on Salvatore. Salvatore decides to do something about it, and the pair head to the ferry terminal in Harwood.

Upon arrival, however, the police are crawling all over the terminal and immediately give chase, giving the player a 3-star wanted level. With the police on their tail, Salvatore tells Toni to drive over the unfinished Callahan Bridge. A ramp had been put on to the bridge, which allows Toni and Salvatore to make the jump from Portland Island to Staunton Island.

After successfully crossing the bridge, they then make their way to a Leone Family safehouse in Newport, with Salvatore deciding to look around the new place.



The reward for completing the mission is $4,000 and unlocks the mission A Walk in the Park for Salvatore Leone. Staunton Island is also unlocked, as is the ability to obtain a 5-star wanted level. The Staunton Island Safehouse is now available to the player, in which they can save their game files and store up to two vehicles in the garage. The player can now purchase weapons from the Newport Ammu-Nation store.


  • The mission's name is based on the film Driving Miss Daisy.
  • Salvatore Leone's cry of "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" as Toni and Salvatore drive off a ramp on the Callahan Bridge is reminiscent of the "OH, SHIIIIIIIIIIT!" cry made by Victor Vance and Lance Vance as they drive off a bridge in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories mission Jive Drive.
  • A glitch in the PlayStation 2 version of the game exists where Salvatore may be inexplicably arrested the moment the mission begins.
  • After leaving Portland for the first time during this mission, Toni will not be required to the return to the island during the main story until the final mission of the game.


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