Grand Theft Wiki:Promotion

This page is for the policy & procedure surrounding promotions to staff.

The promotion of users on Grand Theft Wiki to become staff members is decided through a promotion process which includes a nomination, discussion and approval:

  1. Users are nominated by existing staff members. Staff will select nominees through the criteria below, and a Manager will ask the nominee if they want to become staff.
  2. If the user agrees to the nomination, a promotion discussion will be created by a Manager and listed on Community:Promotion
  3. Any user can ask questions on that promotion page for the candidate to answer, and can also leave comments to show whether they support the promotion or not
  4. When everyone has had a chance to discuss, a Manager will decide whether or not to promote the user
  5. The user will then be given staff rights, and can then use the staff titles, icons, colour and templates, whilst the promotion page will be protected and maintained as an archive

Please note that this has changed from the old process - users can no longer ask to become staff, or nominate themselves or each other. This is because new staff members are not always needed, and when they are, we often require specific skills rather than just approving anyone who asks.

Managers have full authority in deciding who is to become an Administrator on Grand Theft Wiki. Only Executive Managers can promote users to Manager or above.

Speedy promotions may be carried out by an Executive Manager. This can be an instant promotion without discussion. The reasons for such a promotion may be an old staff member returning (where there is no need to discuss suitability), an emergency which requires additional staff, or where the promotion is required for technical reasons (ie server administrators).

If you disagree with any nomination or current promotion, you can comment on the talk page. If you have concerns about the conduct of any staff member, report it to a Manager or Executive Manager immediately.


Becoming staff on Grand Theft Wiki is not an automatic right - you should not expect to become staff after a certain length of time or number of edits. That is not how it works at all.

If the staff agree they need a new staff member, we will look at who is active, who has the right skills, and who can be trusted with the powerful and dangerous tools the administrators have access to.

However, the following criteria is an example of the sort of things we would expect from a user before they would be considered for promotion

  • Experience across the wiki, not just on the main articles (edits to older games, community pages, talk pages)
  • A very good understanding of how wikis work (categories, templates etc) and the use of some advanced syntax (tables, PF, MW etc)
  • A good understanding of the inner workings of the wiki, including the deletion, promotion and other management processes
  • A good understanding of Grand Theft Wiki policy, procedures, rules and conventions
  • No evidence of any spamming, arguments, edit wars or negative attitude
  • A willingness to get involved in discussions (talk pages), as opposed to undoing others' edits without asking first

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