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30 August 2022

  • N Template:GamePageList/doc 14:11 +713Gboyers talk contribs(New Page: "Produces an automated list of "thing" in each GTA universe, era & game. This will automatically show all existing pages with that name. It will not show pages that are not named in the exact convention, and won't show games that don't have this page. This template will have to be updated with each new game. Current it goes up to GTA V, and provisionally includes GTA 6. There is a limit to the number of "if page exists" checks that can happen on each page. After about 50 c...")
  • Template:GamePageList 14:06 +252Gboyers talk contribs(+Universe)
  • Template:GamePageList 14:04 +8Gboyers talk contribs
  • m Template:GamePageList 14:04 +144Gboyers talk contribs
  • Template:GamePageList 14:02 −24Gboyers talk contribs
  • N Template:GamePageList 14:01 +2,127Gboyers talk contribs(New Page: "{{Navbox |state=<noinclude>uncollapsed</noinclude><includeonly>{{{state|collapsed}}}</includeonly> |title = {{{3|Related Pages}}} |name=Template:PageList |talk=Template talk:PageList |style="clear:left;" |list1 = {{linkless exists|{{{1}}} in GTA 1 Era | [[{{{1}}} in GTA 1 Era]] {{!}} }} {{linkless exists|{{{1}}} in GTA 1 | [[{{{1}}} in GTA 1]] {{!}} }} {{linkless exists|{{{1}}} in GTA London 1969 | [[{{{1}}} in GTA London 1969]] {{!}} }} {{linkless exists|{{{1}}} in GTA Lond...")
  • N Template:Linkless exists 13:56 +94Gboyers talk contribs(New Page: "{{#if:{{PROTECTIONEXPIRY:edit|{{{1|}}}}}|{{{2|true}}}|{{{3|}}}}}<noinclude>{{doc}}</noinclude>")
  • N Template:PageList/doc 13:49 +535Gboyers talk contribs(New Page: "Shows a list of pages - automatically - from Special:AllPages, in alphabetical order. A quick way of getting a navbox without making a custom template - and also automatically keeps up to date. Could use this to create a specific navbox template too, if all your pages are named sequentially. But it has this weird bullet layout, rather than the normal Navbox list. <pre> {{PageList | StartPage | EndPage | Box Title | Hide Redirects 1 or 0 }} </pre> {{PageList | Wanted Level |...")
  • m Template:PageList 13:46 0Gboyers talk contribs
  • Template:PageList 13:46 +187Gboyers talk contribs
  • N Template:PageList 13:41 +131Gboyers talk contribs(New Page: "{|class=wikitable !Page List |{{Special:Allpages|from={{{1}}}|to={{{2}}}|hideredirects={{{3|1}}}}} |}<noinclude>{{doc}}</noinclude>")

29 August 2022