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If Grand Theft Wiki does not have an article about a certain relevant topic, you may create one. Choose the title in the box below, or read on for detailed instructions.

Before you create a page

There are a couple of steps you need to take before you make a new page:

Make sure the article does not exist

  • Search for it at Special:Search or use the search box.
  • Try alternative spellings, including British and American English, and with/without punctuation
  • Check relevant pages to see if there is a link
  • Check relevant categories to see if you can find the page
  • Make sure the content of the article (eg a Character) is not already listed as part of another page (eg Characters in GTA III)

Make sure we require a new article

  • Make sure the topic is relevant - check existing pages and categories to see if we want articles about it
  • If the information is already on an existing page, then there is no reason to duplicate it unless it needs a lot more space to itself
  • If you can split an existing article into two (or more) good-sized articles, then go ahead

If you aren't sure: Ask

When you create a new page

When you are making the page, there are a few things you need to take into consideration

  • Make sure the page meets quality and Consistency guidelines.
  • See Help if you're unsure about formatting and using images


  • The title of your article should usually just be the title of the thing you're writing about
  • Use title case for the title
    • This means capitalization of all words, except for internal articles, prepositions and conjunctions (eg in/the/a/is/if/to)
    • Example: The Vitamins Are in My Fresh Brussels Sprouts
    • Example: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    • Example: Welcome to the
  • Where something has its own capitalisation and punctuation (such as a mission or game name) then use the real format rather than title case


  • Where you have more than one article with the same name, put something in brackets to separate them
    • If one article is a lot more important than another, only add brackets onto the less popular one
  • If you have more than 2 articles with similar names, you need a disambiguation page which simply links to all the pages with a similar name

Create a Page

If you're happy, then go ahead and pick a title for your new article: