Helicopter (GTA CW)

The battle between both kinds of helicopter from Slaying With Fire.

In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, there are helicopters that appear in certain missions, fly over bridges and Francis International Airport, and chase after the player when they have a 3+ wanted level. The helicopter cannot be obtained without the use of an action replay or other Cheat Device. If the player commandeers a helicopter using a modification they can fly it around, shoot weapons from it and throw Grenades or Molotovs from it. It is interesting to know that the helicopter cannot be damaged if its blades touch a building, because there's no coding for that. However the helicopter itself can be damaged if the body of the helicopter hits something. The helicopter has no actual scripted name and cannot be obtained anywhere without a Cheat Device. The helicopter controlled by the player also has no engine noise and cannot be re-entered after exited. When using a cheat device, the helicopter is available at the Auto Merchant, replacing the Bulletproof Patriot.

There are two types of helicopter featured in the game: one (dubbed the Defender) resembles the Police Maverick and is used by the LCPD, and one resembles the Sparrow. The LCPD variant features an minigun, firing rounds at five per second

Nintendo DS controls

These are the controls of the Helicopter in GTA Chinatown Wars:

  • B - Ascend
  • Y - Descend
  • R - Rotate Right
  • L - Rotate Left
  • D-Pad - Move
  • X - Exit Vehicle
  • START - Pause

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