Slaying With Fire

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Slaying With Fire
Meeting up with Chan's friends in the PSP version.

Meeting up with Chan's friends in the PSP version.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Chan Jaoming
Fail The helicopter is destroyed.
Reward $250
Unlocks By Myriads of Swords
Unlocked by Counterfeit Gangster

Slaying with Fire is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to Huang Lee by Triad underboss Chan Jaoming.


The battle between the two helicopters in the iPhone version.

Chan Jaoming arrives on the roof of the building. Huang Lee arrives on the roof and Chan tells Huang that his father got one of his entourage killed. Huang tells him that he was a rat, selling the Triads out to the FIB. Chan realises it's true, and arranges for all his entourage to meet him on Happiness Island. Huang worries about how much Chan has drunk, seeing all the bottles in the back. But Chan says he's filled them all with gas for Huang to throw. The two then proceed to blow up a fuel tank and kill all of his entourage, blowing up boats to stop them escaping. This is followed by a fireball over the Statue of Happiness, blowing up a Helicopter and four people with rocket launchers.


As soon as you have control of Huang, start throwing Molotovs constantly in every direction. Watch out for the guys with rocket launchers, near the statue. Also, if you dont blow up all the boats, you will have to kill them later, so make sure you do.


  • This is the only storyline mission that takes place on Happiness Island.
  • This is the only time in the whole game you get to ride in a helicopter. However, the Helicopter is flyable with an Action Replay cheating device.
  • This mission is a pun on the phrase Playing With Fire


(Meeting at the Pad)

Chan: I'm sick of waiting for my stupid father to step down. I should be boss NOW! I can do anything he can - bigger and better!

Huang: Definitely. You're the man, homie.

Chan: Did you know he had one of my entourage dealt with? My posse! My crew! I mean...

Huang: Chan, that fool was bleating about you to the Feds.

Chan: I know! One's not enough! They're all rats! Everyone I know is worthless! They only like me because I'm good looking, rich, successful and charismatic. Come on! We'll show them what happens to rats.

(In Chan's helicopter)

Chan: I told my so called 'friends' to meet me just south of here.

Huang: There are a lot of bottles back here. How much have you drunk, genius?

Chan: Not much! ...Hic! Anyway I refilled them with gas. I wanna make sure my 'friends' welcome for me is a warm one. We're here. Let's get their attention. Torch those parasites, Huang!

(Back to the Pad)

Chan: It's hard to find people like you, Huang. People I can trust. Good people you can share a secret with and then have a threesome with and it not be weird afterwards.

Huang: It wouldn't be weird afterwards, Chan. You'd just be dead.

Chan: Whatever. More for me! See you around. I'm going to write a poem and work up a sweat and stand in the rain laughing and crying at the same time.

Mission Replay description

"Chan didn't trust his freeloading entourage anymore.

He got them to meet up and wait for him on Happiness Island.

That's one barbecue they'll have wished they'd never been to."