Joe Lawton

Joe Lawton is the President of the United States in the HD Universe. He is a Conservative Republican and appears to be based on former President George W. Bush.

Based on Thomas Stubbs' Twitter, his birthday is on or around February 16th. According to John Smith, host of WKTT's Conspire show, Lawton attended San Fierro University, and was in the same fraternity as the man who invented the credit default swap system. He also elaborates that Lawton's father was once president as well, and became a Senator after his presidency. However, Conspire's authenticity is highly questionable, and they also claim that Lawton resurrected his own father from the dead.

Globe Oil says they are "proud to be the largest corporate contributor to President Lawton's administration and we thank him for his continued stance on the Kyoto Treaty". Lawton supports extending the Jingoism Act in order to protect freedom. This reflects Bush's stances on the Kyoto Protocol and PATRIOT Act, respectively. Milica Bellic mentions in an e-mail that most Europeans see him as a "foolish man". Some female pedestrians on the streets will say "can someone please get rid of this president?". A spam email in The Ballad of Gay Tony suggests he opposes free healthcare.

He is still President as of Grand Theft Auto Online, and a listing for an Eclipse Towers condo advises potential buyers to "snap it up now before President Lawton loses the next election and they tax the hell out of you". However, if he was elected in 2004 (making him president as of GTA IV), real-life term limits would not allow him to have ran in 2012 (making him president as of GTA V) and 2016 unless he lost the 2008 election.

In 2007 Lawton admits to snorting cocaine but states he "never swallowed the back-wash."


  • According to John Smith on WKTT, Lawton's father was the president before Joe, much like George W. Bush after his father George H.W. Bush.
  • After finishing his time as President, Lawton's father became a senator. However in real life, most presidents retire from politics altogether after finishing their presidency.

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