Milica Bellic

Milica Bellic
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Milica Bellic


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1955
Age Now 69
Home Yugoslavia (presumably)
Family Niko Bellic (son)
Unnamed son (deceased)
Roman Bellic (nephew) Roman's Child (great nephew)
Roman's Mother (sister-in-law, deceased)

For other members of the Bellic family, see Bellic.

Milica Bellic (born 1955) is a character in the HD Universe mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV. She is the mother of Niko Bellic and an unnamed son, and aunt of Roman Bellic.

Character history

Milicia Bellic, who regrets that the environment in which her sons were brought up corrupted them, e-mails her son in 2008 following his move to Liberty City. Roman suggests that she join him and Niko in Liberty City, although Niko disagrees saying she would be distressed at what she sees in Liberty City, including the violent lifestyle of her son. Towards the end of the GTA IV storyline, Milica sends an e-mail to Niko confirming Roman's marriage, happy that Roman is "settling down." Milica loves her son, and likes to know that he is safe.


  • Milica's e-mail address is