John Smith

John Smith is the host of the Conspire segment on WKTT, a segment exclusive to the downloadable version The Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as the Episodes from Liberty City editions of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. He reveals this is not his real name, and insists on wearing a mask, even while on radio, and especially while interviewing people.

Although John insists that "John Smith" is not his real name, Conspire guest Abigail Grayson, who is revealed in the end of the show to be his wife, constantly refers to him as John, while her last name implies that John's family name is also Grayson.

R.J. Allison voices John Smith.


  • John Smith is an archetype of a common personal name in most English-speaking countries, as such, it is a common pseudonym.