Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Joni
Aliases J,Judi
Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Main Affiliations Gay Tony
Luis Fernando Lopez
Businesses Maisonette 9 (Security Management)
Voiced by Maia McCann

Joni is a female security manager who operates in Maisonette 9 along with Luis Lopez, Dessie, and Cindy. Luis keeps in touch with her via headset whilst scanning the dance floor from the security room for trouble in the side-mission Club Management, telling Luis to check out certain areas where she sees disturbances. She often expresses frustration at being stuck in the security room while all the action (of various types) is happening in the club.

Occasionally, Joni will offer Luis sexual favors such as a strip tease, giving him oral sex, or have quickies with him. She also occasionally berates him out of jealousy if Luis has sex with another woman in the club.



  • According to her, Luis has a "little guy" (referring to his penis size).
  • Just like with any other club employee, killing Joni will cause her to respawn the next time you come back to Maisonette 9.
  • If you purchase the Episodes from Liberty City (disc version), it comes with a poster of Joni on one side, and a map of Liberty City on the other.
  • Joni appears in 'concept artwork' format multiple times holding a champagne bottle during The Ballad Of Gay Tony loading screen and boxart. Joni has the distinction of being one of the only women featured on the cover/loading screen art for a Grand Theft Auto game to actually be featured in the game itself.