Troy (TBOGT)

Appearances The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Troy


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Gay Tony
Luis Fernando Lopez
Businesses Hercules (Bouncer/Doorman)
Voiced by Robert Bogue

Troy is the door guard of the gay nightclub Hercules, although he himself is not gay. He often tries to talk to Tony and Luis about moving him to Maisonette 9, as he feels people are calling him gay. Tony normally responds by arrogantly ignoring Troy, while Luis tells him he can take or leave the position. Troy is also an aspiring singer, and tried to audition for Tony's cabaret and a celebrity guest at Hercules, supermodel Kerry McIntosh.

The same documentary team who were to make a film about the late Manny Escuela and his cleaning of Bohan's streets, planned on making a documentary on Troy, claiming his life as a doorman of one of Liberty City's hottest gay nightclubs included sex, drama, violence and many more popular aspects of reality TV.


  • Troy cannot be killed by anyone but the player. If you start a fight with Troy, jump on top of a car and call the cops; when they arrive, make sure they see him hit you, and they will then try to arrest him; he will fight back, forcing the police to shoot him, but he will not lose any health; he will also continue to fight the cops until they are all dead, and then he will continue fighting you.