Lure (GTA IV)

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Little's right hand man in his apartment.

Little's right hand man in his apartment.
For Francis McReary
Target Drug Dealer
Location Castle Gardens, Hatton Gardens and East Holland in Algonquin
Fail Get too far away from the target after luring him out
Reward $5000
Unlocked by Holland Nights

For the mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas see Lure (GTA SA).


Lure is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV that Niko Bellic completes for Francis McReary.

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  • There is a glitch that allows you to enter the dealer's apartment after the mission.
  • The mission prompts you to get down from the roof after you've killed the target. You can jump from the top of the building and complete the mission that way. Niko will then call Francis after waking up at the hospital. This saves time, and is handy if you're going for the Liberty City Minute achievement.