Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens as viewed to the east. The Castle Gardens construction site is visible in the background, while portions of The Exchange's skyline is seen to the left.

Castle Gardens is the southerly most neighborhood in Algonquin, as well as Liberty City as a whole (excluding Happiness Island). The district can be found in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is bordered to the north by South Parkway (Fishmarket South and The Exchange); to the west and to the south by an unnamed body of water; and to the east by the Humboldt River. Castle Gardens is not to be confused with Castle Garden City, which is located just northwest from Castle Gardens.

Character and places of interest

Castle Gardens only residential area is the northern area where there are the expensive apartments last block of Columbus Ave and Amethyst St bordering The Exchange.

The western half of Castle Gardens is a maritime attraction, featuring heavy vegetation, promenades along the water's edge and a municipal pier turned minimall, serving as an escape from the high-paced nature of The Exchange to the north; due to a very prominent signage, the pier may occasionally be confused as the "Poop Deck", which in reality specifically refers to a seafood restaurant based on the southern tip of the pier. Due to its location at the very tip of Algonquin, bordering the southern end of the lower Algonquin financial district, investment bankers and other financiers are common sights in the area.

The eastern half of Castle Gardens is predominantly occupied by a massive construction site accessible via Columbus Avenue and South Parkway. The site is linked to Yusuf Amir, an Emirati property developer who wishes to build a luxury condominium tower in the area; this suggests the project is only in the earliest stages of construction, as only the base of the structure has been erected; it is also unknown if the site rests on recently reclaimed land or was previous occupied. A violent shootout took place here by Niko Bellic and the Messina Family union workers. The project has drawn flak from local groups, which claim the project will "ruin the skyline of Castle Gardens"; following a string of events as depicted in GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony, Yusuf Amir buckles to pressure and offers to build a memorial on the site to union workers killed by on-the-job accident instead.


The neighborhood's namesake is Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, New York City, incorporating the Battery Park's City Pier A, which became the pier housing the Poop Deck seafood restaurant in the game, and the brick-built Park Pavilions fronting Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park, between Battery Park and Battery Park City, significantly modified for the game.

The layout of the construction yard partially mirrors that of the South Ferry terminal in Manhattan, New York City, but features structural designs more alike that of St. George Terminal in nearby Staten Island. Visible signs of these similarities include similar design cues of existing buildings in the yard, as well as visible dock-like openings along complete structures in the shoreline, similar to the way a ferry terminal of this design appears. Large scale construction during the 2000s to improve links between downtown Manhattan and the terminal may also explain the idea of including a construction site in Castle Garden.

The Downtown Manhattan Heliport is also the source of inspiration for the helipad in used by Higgins Helitours, although the terminal building is completely different.

Interestingly, Castle Clinton, a historic fortress situated in Battery Park, is also known as "Castle Garden".


The neighborhood is served by the Liberty City Subway system. The Castle Gardens station, located at the intersection of Bismarck Avenue and South Parkway, along the Castle Gardens-The Exchange border, is served by the Algonquin Outer Line at all times.