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The following is a script of the mission "Lure" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Francis: Are you trying to get us both killed, you fuckin' asshole?

Niko: What?

Francis: I send you to destroy an organization and you only make the boss disappear. Now his chief lieutenant is holed up in an apartment, and he wants to speak to the feds.

Niko: Whoa, hold on. An organization?

Francis: You fucking idiot! I paid you to do a man's job, you amateur. You fucking boy.

Niko: No, no, no, no. You sent me to kill one guy. One guy who would put you in prison.

Francis: Bullshit! Alright, I'll tell you what, genius. I'll tell you fucking what. Tell it to the judge. Tell him I only sent you to kill one guy... so it ain't your fault. I wonder what he'll say? Maybe he'll let you walk - on account of you being braindead and totally fucking mentally retarded.

Niko: Maybe he will. Either way, you're screwed.

Francis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Look. You gotta do this for me. For us. Come on, you idiot. One more. The guy's a fucking lowlife. He means nothing. If there is a God, and he loves us, if there is, he'd want this cunt dead. The guy sells heroin to kids.

Niko: The world is full of bad people.

Francis: But we've got a lot to lose.

Niko: I don't have anything to lose, Mr. McReary.

Francis: How much?

Niko: You know my price. Five. Your call. I don't care.

Francis: You bastard. Okay... Now the guy lives in an apartment on Denver between V and W. He's hold up there pretty tight. I left a rifle for you in the trunk of a car at the corner of Albany and M. So go there, gimme a call.

(Niko obtains the sniper rifle and goes to the dealer's apartment)

Niko: I've found the place.

Francis: Okay, the mope's holed up in his apartment. It's on the fourth floor on the east side of the street. Go up onto the roof of the building opposite to get a shot at him.

Niko: What if he isn't standing by the window?

Francis: Then use your damn imagination to get him to the window. Jesus! Call me when it s done.

(If Niko waits for a while he will get two phone calls from Francis)

Francis: You got him yet?

Niko: No, I can't get a clean shot. He's sitting down or something.

Francis: Look around the place, see if there's something you can use to get his lazy ass up.

Francis: I'm hoping that no news is good news.

Niko: I still can't get a shot.

Francis: You don't see anything that will get him up?

Niko: I can only see his phone and a TV.

Francis: Shit, I don't know. Is there a number on the phone? Can you call it?

Niko: I'll try.

(Francis will also send Niko a text message)

If you are having trouble luring that filth to the window, call him on 545 555 0122. - Francis

(Niko calls this number)

Dealer: Shaniqua, baby. Look girl, 5-0 is trying to kill me. And I was real stressed and she was there for me. I didn't know she was yo' sister. Shaniqua, that you? It ain't your style to be doin' this silent shit.

(Niko calls a second time)

Dealer: Shaniqua, that you? It ain't your style to be doin' this silent shit. I didn't know she was yo' sister.

(Niko calls a third time)

Dealer: This ain't right. How'd you get these digits? Is this Francis? You killed Clarence, man.

Post mission phone call

Niko: I dealt with him.

Francis: You did the right thing. I hope that the kids out there get this message and realize that there are better paths to take.

Niko: I'm not interested in your sermon, Mr. McReary. Let's not pretend that this was anything other than business.

Francis: There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have done some good. The community thanks you. One percent better. If one hundred people managed that... it'd be a hundred percent.

Failing the mission

Francis: Listen you chump, one of my Cis just told me our boy is making a run for the border. You lost him.

Niko: Terrible. I don't know how I'll sleep at night.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Francis: Great, the perp should be inside his apartment.

Niko: I'm outside the place.

Dealer: You ain't getting my ass.