Maurice (car)

A Maurice in GTA 2.

The Maurice is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Maurice is designed as a compact two-door soft top coupe, with generic styling that projects the vehicle as a run-in-the-mill car in traffic. The Maurice is suggested to be based on a Morris, as evidenced by its internal name, MORRIS, as well as a similar in-game name. The Morris model with the closest resemblance to the design of the Maurice is the original Morris Minor MM, which features closer headlights in a similar fashion to the Maurice, but is significantly shorter in body length.

A working name given to the Perennial in Grand Theft Auto III is "Maurice". The use of the name is evidenced in the "official" website for Capital Autos [1].


The performance of the Maurice is considerably average and acceptable. The car possesses a slightly above average top speed with minor delay in acceleration due to a tendency to stay in low gear before shifting, as well as being nimble due to its size and featuring good brakes. When crushed, the car awards the player 60 Machine Gun rounds in the Residential District, or Health in the Industrial District.