For the character in GTA III, see Misty.
Misty's in Garcia, San Fierro, in GTA San Andreas.

Misty's is an interactive bar in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Garcia, San Fierro, San Andreas, situated not far from Cobra Marital Arts and located further south along the street from Zero's RC.

While the bar's exterior is basic, consisting of a simple overhead sign and a poster-covered shopfront, the interior in Misty's, which is identical to interiors in the Ten Green Bottles and The Craw Bar, features two pool tables (with one of them featuring a standing NPC which can be challenged for a game of pool) and two arcade game machines for "Go Go Space Monkey" and "Let's Get Ready to Bumble". The bar is also a destination in dinner/drinking dates with girlfriends, and is an ideal stop for Michelle Cannes due her preference to bars and the Misty's being the closest to her home.