Ten Green Bottles

Ten Green Bottles
Game GTA San Andreas
Type of business Bar
Location(s) Ganton, Los Santos

Ten Green Bottles is an interactive bar in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located along Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas. The bar is distinctive by its green sign, which illuminates green at night, supposedly to match the Grove Street Families' gang color. The bar's exterior also features a Sprunk vending machine outside.

Ten Green Bottles's interior, which is identical to interiors in the Misty's and The Craw Bar, features two pool tables (with one of them featuring a standing NPC which can be challenged for a game of pool) and two arcade game machines for "Go Go Space Monkey" and "Let's Get Ready to Bumble". The bar is also a destination in dinner/drinking dates with girlfriends, and is an ideal stop for Denise Robinson due to the proximity of the bar from her house.


  • The bar's name is an homage to Rockstar North's past as DMA Designs, as "Ten Green Bottles" is also the name of one of the songs featured in Lemmings, one of their very first games.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Ten Green Bottles makes a minor appearance in the finale mission End of the Line during the final chase, as protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson and his deuteragonist brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson chase primary antagonist and corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny throughout eastern Los Santos.