Grand Theft Wiki:No Shrines for Vandals

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The NSFV policy (No Shrines for Vandals) means that, in the event of a spam or vandal attack, the wiki should not contain announcements, discussions or complaints about how bad an attack is, as this could encourage the attacker and lead to further disruption.

As vandals thrive on disrupting the wiki and upsetting its members and staff, anything that appears to show they are winning, in control or hold power over the site is not permitted. These things can glamourise the attack and feed the attacker's ego, encouraging them to continue or repeat their attack.

Instead, a silent block and deletion is no fun for them and keeps the wiki safe.

For example, in relation to any spam or vandal attack, of any degree, the following content is not permitted and must be removed:

  • Warnings or notices complaining about an attack
  • Staff exclaiming about how bad things are
  • Users excessively complaining to staff
  • Comments left to the attacker complaining about the attack
  • Reassurance to users that the attack is over or everything is going to be okay
  • Detailed explanations of the attack or reasons for deletion/blocking
  • Discussion and speculation of the details of the attack
  • Discussion of the details of security policy or steps being taken to correct or prevent any damage

Instead of this, the following action is recommended:

  • Silent and swift deletion of offending content
  • Silent and swift blocking of users
  • Users removing any content and adding the appropriate Cleanup Templates, such as {{vandal}} to the top of the page (or talk page)
  • Users notifying Staff simply and directly about content that needs to be fixed, without emotion
  • If a block is not appropriate, a simple, direct and emotionless instruction to the offending user should be given, without any complaining or emotion
  • Any discussion should be brief and factual, without emotion or sensationalism
  • If necessary, notifications only to explain what users need to know (ie in the case of data loss)
  • If appropriate to thank other users for their quick response, a short factual thank you without complaining about the attack

Users are permitted to edit any accessible page, including other user's talk page comments, to remove content that significantly breaches this policy. Staff may edit any content that may breach this policy to any degree.

This policy is not secret - attackers should know that Grand Theft Wiki is not worth attacking, as we'll just silently delete your stuff and it won't be any fun for you.