Pegorino's Pride

Pegorino's Pride
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For Jimmy Pegorino
Location Alderney
Unlocks Payback
Unlocked by Truck Hustle

After completing Truck Hustle, Phil Bell recommends Niko Bellic to his boss, Jimmy Pegorino. Phil then instructs Niko to put on a suit and tie and meet Pegorino at his mansion in Westdyke, starting the first Pegorino mission: Pegorino's Pride.


Niko briefly meets James Pegorino at his house at Westdyke, Alderney. Jimmy tells Niko how much a meet with the Pavanos would help him gain control over the Commission; Big Pete and Marco are following to accompany Pegorino at the deal. On the way to the meet at the abandoned DUDE Chemicals plant in the Acter Industrial Park, Pegorino reveals to Niko that he will bribe the Pavanos to give the Pegorino Family get a name; Pegorino wants Niko to oversee the deal as "insurance" in case the deal goes sour.

Indeed, as Niko watches over the meet with a rifle, the Pavanos ambush and open fire at Pegorino's party, prompting Niko to do the same. Pegorino is injured before he can do anything about it while Big Pete and Marco are killed. Upon rescuing him, the Pavanos escape with the offering; Niko blasts them down, and transports Pegorino and the offering back to Westdyke.

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