Truck Hustle

Truck Hustle
For Phil Bell
Target Triad's Heroin Truck
Location Leftwood & Westdyke In Alderney
  • Losing The Truck in the car chase.
  • Destruction of The Truck.
Reward $11,000
Unlocks Catch the Wave, Pegorino's Pride & Procedural Assassin Missions
Unlocked by Late Checkout


Ray Boccino calls Niko Bellic up and tells him to go to Tudor, Alderney where he introduces him to Pegorino associate Phil Bell. After a brief introduction, Phil asks Ray about a favor. When Ray states that he can't do it, he suggests Niko for the job. Phil takes a chance and explains to Niko that some Triads have a truck load of heroin that they think is cursed from previous situations, and are looking to offload it at almost any price. Phil wants Niko to head over to the Truck, kill the Triads, take the truck, and bring it to the old mansion to his nephew Frankie Gallo as a "wedding gift".

Niko heads over to an alley way off Long John Avenue. As Niko takes cover behind a short wall the Triads and the truck arrive. Niko ambushes and kills all of the triads, however before he gets to the truck it drives off. Niko chases after the truck and a short sprint later, he grabs onto the back of it.

He eventually climbs onto the roof up the back, and slowly has to army-crawl towards the front, each time a corner turns and Niko slides off, he struggles to climb back up again. When he reaches the front, Niko will swing down, kick through the window, and struggle with the driver in the front seat, putting his own gun to his head, shooting him and kicking him onto the street.

When in control of the truck Niko drives it to the old mansion off Beaverhead Ave, and leaves it with Phil's newphew Frankie for the time being. After this the mission is complete.

This mission unlocks the The Fixer's Assassinations.

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  • The player can find a Sultan RS behind the garage by the old mansion after giving the truck to Frankie.
  • The heroin in this mission appears in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony as well.
  • If you shoot the truck driver in the head before he leaves,it will keep going as if you never killed him. After you get to the truck's cab, he will still be alive.
  • If the player continues to hang behind the truck, it will eventually reach a dead end and start ramming at the wall.
  • Dwayne's backup service comes in very handy during the initial gunfight. The key is to summon it, and wait for it to arrive before Niko makes himself known; the Triads will initially attack Dwayne's men and be distracted.