Pegorino's Pride/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Pegorino's Pride" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Angie: Yeah?

Niko: I'm here to see Mr. Pegorino...

Angie: Well, I didn't think you were here to sell me insurance. So you here to work for him, shoot him, or arrest him? Or maybe all three?

Anthony: It's okay, Mrs. P, I'll deal with this.

Angie: Yeah, I'm in a life threatening situation and I'm having a conversation here. He could have killed me. You're useless. Organized crime, my ass. With guys like you, no wonder this 'organization' is doing so wonderfully.

Anthony: You Nick? Come on. Peg.

Pegorino: What?

Anthony: Someone for you.

Pegorino: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So... were you followed?

Niko: I don't think so.

Pegorino: Oh...

Niko: I mean, who knows.

Pegorino: Exactly... I mean, we can pretty much guarantee you were followed. The question is "did you know about it?". And right now, I don't know the answer to that question. But to be honest, I don't really care neither. I know enough about you, your cousin, your friends... I know a lot of people around you end up in jail.

Niko: Some maybe.

Pegorino: But that's the same all over town. This is a dying game.

Niko: I don't understand.

Pegorino: I mean I'm going to ask you to deal with a problem, and you're going to deal with it, or you're not going to deal with it, and you're going to be a problem that somebody else has to deal with. But me? I ain't doing nothing.

Niko: Yes, okay. So what's the problem?

Pegorino: We'll get to that. Anthony!

Anthony: Yo!

Pegorino: Did Phil call?

Anthony: Not yet, boss. Ray called.

Pegorino: Of course he did. I wonder... is it better to have a talented snake, or a stoical lion, who's gonna be cut down in his prime? I don't know. What do you think?

Niko: I don't understand what you're talking about.

Pegorino: You do, but I ain't going to push. Anthony, get in here!

Anthony: Boss?

Pegorino: Where's Big Pete and Marco?

Anthony: On their way.

Pegorino: Listen to me... here's what the plan is. Me and two of my guys gonna meet with a couple of boys from the Pavano family. I need these guys if we're ever gonna be taken serious... you know, get on the Commission. Now the thing is, these guys ain't, shall we say... shown us the appropriate respect in the past. I want you... to run security. Keep an eye on things, 'cause they won't be looking out for you. Ah, here they are, it's either them or the cops.

Anthony: It's them, they're outside. Looks like Ray's here too.

Pegorino: I know it's them. God, give me strength... I'll be out in a minute. Look after Ray 'til I get back.

(Anthony leaves the room and greets Ray who rushes into Pegorino's room)

Ray: Hey, Tone.

Anthony: Hey, Ray.

Ray: I need to speak with Pegorino.

Anthony: Hey, what, what ya doing? He's busy.

Ray: Hey, Niko, huh. Oh, boss - salve.

Pegorino: Get up.

Anthony: I'm sorry, boss.

Ray: This guy's everywhere, like a friggin' cockroach or something, ha? In a good way.

Anthony: Ray, you and me is gonna talk. The boss has got business.

Ray: Yeah, uh boss, I got you this, because I care.

Pegorino: You boys have fun.


Niko: Jimmy's on his way.

Marco: Niko, right? Skipper said you'd be driving. The sit down's over at the old refinery in the Acter Industrial Park.

(Pegorino gets in the car and Niko begins to drive to the Acter Industrial Park)

Pegorino: What are yous waiting for? Hit it, let's go. You guys all friends now? Nice. You best hope you made a good first impression on Niko, boys. He's gonna be the one looking out for you during this meet. Well, he's being paid to look out for me so saving you guys' asses would be overtime.

Marco: That's just if the shit goes down, right boss? The Pavanos wouldn't fuck with you.

Pegorino: Wake up you fucking mook. Everybody is trying to fuck everybody.We just hoping they got the manners to smile to our faces before they do it.

Pete: You giving them a nice little offering though, skip. They ain't gonna turn up their noses at that.

Pegorino: God give me strength. It's like I'm dealing with children here. No wonder I ain't on the Commission when my muscle is this stupid!

Niko: If the Pavanos is a Liberty City family, what are they doing coming out to Alderney for this meet?

Pegorino: I let them operate out here from time to time. Pavanos work a little shy business on this side of the West River. They also control a few bookies. I don't mind 'em taking a bite, I don't even make 'em give me a taste. Hopefully they gonna respect that when it comes time to ask them for a favor.

Niko: You can't be too confident if you got me here?

Pegorino: You're insurance. I'm the captain of this ship because I look at every possibility. Check to make sure my ass is covered in each situation. I think about what's gonna happen is this guy screws me, if this one turns state's, and so on.

Marco: That's why you're the boss, boss.

Pegorino: Shut up, Jesus. You're worse than my mother. Anyways, that's why Ray ain't ever gonna make it to the level he wants to reach. He's too busy thinking about himself. That diamond fuck up is case in point. I'm like a fucking chess player. You're covering me for six moves ahead when me and the Pavanos is just putting our first pawns out there on the checkerboard.

Marco: I like what you did there, skip. Real clever.

Pegorino: Can you do me a favor? Can you just shoot yourself to save me the trouble of doing it? Can ya, Marco? Jesus.

(The four arrive at the meet location)

Pegorino: Give him the rifle, Marco. You expect him to start throwing empty cans from up there if this thing kicks off?

Marco: No way, Skip. Here you go.

Pegorino: Niko, go up into that building. There should be a spot where you can see over the meet. Don't start shooting unless they attack us. I don't want this thing screwing up for no good reason.

(Niko gets to the vantage point and watches the meet. The Pavanos attack and Niko rescues Pegorino)

Pegorino: The fucking Pavanos. If the rest of the Commission knew they did this...

Niko: I'm sure the whole city will be up in arms.

Pegorino: The motherfuckers, trying to whack me at sit down... They trying to make off with my tribute! The fucking nerve. We're gonna ice those fucks Niko! Alright, let's get these slimeball bastards. People like that give Italians a bad name. Whatever happened to the honored society and all that shit?

Niko: Can't say I know.

Pegorino: They didn't even send a fucking Capo. This is a declaration of war. The Pegorinos and the Pavanos are hitting the mattresses. You heard it here first.

Niko: I saw it through the scope on that rifle.

Pegorino: We gonna get that gift back and make this crew pay for their disrespect. Come on.

(If Niko starts to lose the Pavanos)

Pegorino: Shit, don't let these fuckers give you the shake.

Pegorino: You're losing them.

Pegorino: Niko, you ain't gonna let them get away.

Pegorino: The Pavano crew is getting away.

Pegorino: You better not lose them, you better not.

(The Pavanos crash their car)

Pegorino: The dumb fucks have crashed. Go get my gift and make the fuckers pay.

Pegorino: I ain't leaving this car with these injuries.

Pegorino: Shit, Niko, go. I'm staying here and nursing my fucking wound.

Pegorino: You gotta go, Niko. I can't move with this bullet in my gut.

(Niko kills the Pavanos and gives the offering back to Pegorino)

Niko: Here you go.

Pegorino: You're a good earner, Niko. Take me back to my place. I can't believe the Pavanos would treat me like this. The Pegorino name should mean something to them. It means something in Alderney even if it don't in Algonquin. They better not think of crossing that West River and not looking over their shoulders.

Niko: Too bad about Marco and Pete.

Pegorino: Marco and Pete? Oh yeah, those guys didn't make it, did they? Well, too fucking bad. They knew what they was signed on for. Weren't complaining on the way out, were they? No they weren't. Happy to be on board with the skipper.

Niko: Yeah, well, they seemed like good kids.

Pegorino: Ah these kids come and go. It ain't worth paying attention to them until they prove they can survive. I just move on and hire some wannabe wiseguys off the street.

Niko: It's that simple?

Pegorino: Has to be. I only start paying attention to my crew when they start putting me in an awkward position. Either because they know too much and might rat. Or because they got too much power and they're too smart to get themselves clipped. Ray was nothing to me until he started earning big and sticking his nose in places it didn't belong.

Niko: Rats seem to get everywhere you don't want them to be.

Pegorino: Only way you know is by finding their shit all over the place in the morning. Phil's different. He's been my man for a while. Only, how much can I do with a guy who ain't a full Italian? He's 90% Irish. It don't do too well for the reputation of us Pegorinos having St Patrick that high up in our organization. You see the respect we're getting out on the street. Jesus.

(Niko drives Pegorino back to his mansion)

Pegorino: You did good, kid. Kept your head when everyone else was losing theirs. Sometimes literally. We're gonna need your skills again soon. Arrivederci.

Post mission phone call

Ray: So, Nicky, you and the Peg is getting close I see?

Niko: He's got work, he pays. That's about it.

Ray: Yeah? Well, remember who made the introduction. Remember who brought you in, don't you forget about me. If you wanted to pass something up to me... pay me some tribute.

Niko: Sorry, Ray. I'm freelance. I don't buy into that tribute stuff. This work has many disadvantages, but, hey, at least it is tax free.

Post mission text message

You did well last job - come see me. The Boss.

Alternate dialogue

Pegorino: Niko, this is Pete and Marco. Guys, Niko. He's the one who's been keeping Ray from drowning in a pile of shit. What the fuck is up with them diamonds?

Niko: I dunno, I was just doing what Ray told me to.

Pegorino: I didn't get where I am by believing what every schmuck told me. You ain't the type of guy to follow orders if they weren't in your interest.

Pete: You're a smart guy, skipper.

Pegorino: Shut up, Pete. I'm surprised you can speak when your lips are always puckered up, kissing my ass.

Niko: Ray was helping me out with something, so I helped him with the diamonds. I ain't gonna do shit for him no more. I don't like the way he does business. Things got too complicated.

Pegorino: Damn right they did. That ice was a real fuck up. Ray didn't go through the correct channels. Guy who owned the diamonds, Gay Tony, is in with the Ancelottis.

Niko: A lot of people said those diamonds were theirs.

Pegorino: Tell me about it. But I don't give a shit about them other people. What I'm worried about is our involvement with getting back to Gay Tony and his connections... We got a lot riding on this meet with the Pavanos. Wanna keep relations sweet with at least one of the families that got a seat on the Commission.

Pete: You gonna get a seat on that commission real soon, ain't ya boss? Bout time Alderney got some representation in the city.

Pegorino: Don' tell me what's due to me. I been waiting for this and working hard for this for years. Alderney weren't nothing without me. My old man, God rest his soul, didn't have the balls to bring the family to the level I got it to. I'm gonna get that seat because of what I done. Sit down next to Jon Gravelli, if he survives that long, and run all of Liberty City, the whole country maybe!

Niko: The Pavanos, are they gonna offer you a seat then?

Pegorino: They can't give me a seat but they can help me get one. Ain't nobody been given a seat since the Commission got founded. Shit, but times is changed. Since RICO, the Commission ain't the same. They need a family with a new approach to be sitting down with 'em. I got a nice little offering to the Pavanos that's gonna persuade 'em to argue my case. Something real classy. Real nice. Can't wait to see the look on their faces.

(Niko watches the meet and rescues Pegorino after the Pavanos attack him)

Pegorino: The fucking Pavanos. If we kill every one of them slimeballs then maybe the other families will give me their seat on the Commission. Fucking Liberty City families. Get 'em, Niko.

Niko: I'm doing my best.

Pegorino: Yeah, well best ain't good enough. I did my best. Made a name for the Pegorinos. Earned a lot of good money for a lot of bad people. And this happens, they try to fucking kill me!

Niko: Well at least they had the respect to do it at a meet. They didn't come to your home while you and your wife were sleeping.

Pegorino: Let's make 'em wish they was never born.

(Niko returns the offering to Pegorino and drives him back to his house)

Pegorino: My wife, Angie's, gonna love this. She keeps busting my balls about trying to get on the Commission. Ask me why it matters. Women just don't understand this life of ours. Shit, sometimes I wish she'd just run off with some other guy. Leave me in peace.

Niko: You can't be serious?

Pegorino: It' ain't like she's my only woman. I got a nice little goomah set up in an apartment in Acter. That little harlot keeps me young, I'll tell you that. Sometimes I feel like I'm having a heart attack with that girl.

Niko: Yeah, but a wife is a wife. I guess it's like my cousin. He puts me in so much shit. Gets us into debt and in some heavy shit with people, but... he's my family. I wouldn't have him any other way.

Pegorino: That;s some real sweet shit. You're bringing a tear to my eye. Of course I wouldn't let some guy ball the mother of my children. I'd cut his cock off and shove it down his throat. When I say I wish she'd run off with another guy it's a figure of speech.

Niko: Is that is?

Pegorino:No matter how long you're around you ain't gonna speak perfect are you?

Niko: I guess not. Lucky I have people like you to teach me when I'm wrong.

Pegorino: Yeah, even if you can't speak right, at least you can shoot straight.

Failing the mission

Pavanos escape

Pegorino: Stugots. You let the fuckers go. They gonna take that stuff back to Algonquin and laugh at our Alderney, gumba, guido asses. At least they didn't whack me though. Drop in on me, Niko.

Offering is destroyed

Niko: It's too bad that gift got destroyed, Mr. Pegorino. I'm sure it was real nice. Maybe you can pick up another one on Don't worry about it.

Pegorino: Don't worry about that cousin of yours, he won't be in no danger sleeping in your Algonquin pad by his self.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Marco: Come on, pal. Get a car with enough room for all of us.

Marco: Come on, you're driving.

Marco: Don't leave the skipper behind.

Marco: Get behind the wheel, what are you playing at?

Marco: Get in the car, don't waste our time.

Pegorino: I don't know what you're busy with up there, but I need your immigrant ass down here now!

Pegorino: I'm getting my ass kicked.

Pegorino: Marco and Pete are down and I'm about to get clipped.

Pegorino: Marco and Pete have been fucking clipped!

Pegorino: More are showing up, get down here.

Pegorino: More of them is showing up, get down here and help me, Niko.

Pegorino: Shit, the Pavanos is trying to whack me.

Pegorino: Shit, there are more guys coming in the back. Get down here, Niko.

Marco: The Peg won't take kindly to being left behind.

Pegorino: There's more guys coming in the back. Get down here, Niko.

Pegorino: This ain't pretty.

Marco: What are doing, trying to leave the skipper?

Pegorino: What the fuck are you doin'?

Marco: Wise up, we need something we all can fit in.

Pegorino: You fired first. Lucky for you, they was out to whack me anyway.

Marco: You think we're midgets? Get a car that'll fit us all.