Phone Numbers in GTA IV

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In addition to activating cheats, the phone in Grand Theft Auto IV can be used to call different phone numbers that are advertised in Liberty City. Pressing the up button twice reveals the phone's keypad, allowing the player to enter phone numbers.

Phone Numbers

The following is a list of phone numbers that can be called in GTA IV:

Number Owner
911 Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance)
948-555-0100 ZiT
555-0110 Bean Machine Coffee
555-2222 Express Car Service/Roman Bellic Enterprises
555-5700 Fire Proof Doors
555-7327848 (RECRUIT) LCPD Recruitment
555-1274-73 Liberty Construction
555-945-733-92 No Promo Bail Bonds
1-800-555-5555 The Serrated Edge (The CNT TV show)
555-4674 Superb Deli
555-7300 Used Auto Parts
555-7300 Vinewood Laundromat
555-8575 Hero Shop