Nervous Ron

Nervous Ron
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
Objective Ambush The Lost Brotherhood, then fly a plane containing weapons to buyers off the coast
Target Weapons plane
Location Sandy Shores Airfield
Fail Ron Jakowski dies
The plane is destroyed
Reward The ability to purchase property
Sandy Shores Airfield hanger and helipad
Unlocked by Mr. Philips

For the character, see Ron Jakowski.

Nervous Ron is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Trevor Philips for himself.


When Trevor arrives at his trailer, he finds Ron Jakowski on his porch in a panic, telling him that the Lost MC had ransacked his trailer as revenge for killing Johnny Klebitz. Shortly thereafter, Wade Hebert walks in, and Trevor asks him if he found Michael Townley yet. Wade says no, and Trevor threatens to kill him and his cousin if he doesn't find Michael or someone matching his description.

After Wade leaves, Trevor and Ron get on ATVs to go to the Sandy Shores Airfield; however, Trevor states he needs to stop at Ammu-Nation first. Upon arriving at the gun store, Trevor takes a Sniper Rifle and a suppressor modification. After getting the gun, Trevor meets Ron at the water tower north of the airfield. After Trevor climbs to the top of the tower, he and Ron wait for nightfall to ambush the Lost MC. Trevor gives Ron sniper support while he affixes explosives on a fuel tanker. After Ron plants the explosives, Trevor goes down to the airfield to ambush the remaining Lost MC members and secure the first plane in the hanger.

Trevor shoots down the Lost bikers arriving at the airfield while riding the wing of Ron's plane to get to the second plane. Trevor then detonates the explosives Ron had planted earlier. Upon getting to the second plane and just before Trevor takes off, a surviving biker jumps onto the plane's wing, and Trevor shakes him off shortly after takeoff. Trevor tells Ron that they are meeting his contact off the coast. On the way, Ron reminds Trevor that Fort Zancudo is a no-fly zone. Trevor and Ron drop their cargo and return to the airfield.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Headshots Kill a minimum of 5 enemies with a headshot.
Time Complete the mission within 12 minutes and 30 seconds.
Nervous Twitch Win the race against Ron.
6 Bridges 1 Plane Fly under any 6 bridges found along the flight path.
Death on a Wing Kill all the bikers while lying on the plane wing.


Upon completing the mission, the player can purchase various properties across the state of San Andreas. Also, Trevor can now store helicopters and planes at the Sandy Shores Airfield.

Video walkthrough

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