Three's Company

Three's Company
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
Franklin Clinton
For Dave Norton
Steve Haines
Objective Fly to the IAA Building and kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov
Location Downtown, Los Santos
Fail Ferdinand Kerimov is killed
The Frogger is destroyed
Shooting the FIB agents
Reward Frogger spawns at Trevor's helipad at the Sandy Shores Airfield
Unlocks By the Book
Hood Safari
The Merryweather Heist
Unlocked by Dead Man Walking

Three's Company is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips by corrupt FIB agents Dave Norton, Steve Haines and Andreas Sanchez from a small plaza between the IAA building and the FIB building in Downtown, Los Santos.


Michael, having previously been asked to meet him between the IAA and FIB buildings, meets corrupt agent Dave Norton who is sitting with his boss Steve Haines and Andreas Sanchez. Michael and Steve immediately get off on the wrong foot, with Haines stating that he would like to kill Michael. Dave congratulates Michael on his attempt to locate Kerimov's body in the mortuary with Michael responding that he is always happy to help the American government wage war, especially with itself. Andreas, however, mentions that Michael made a mistake and after making a sarcastic response, finds Steve's hand around his throat. Michael agrees to show Steve's team more respect and tells him that they believe the IAA are holding him in their building. The agents want Kerimov before he begins talking about them and ruining their careers. Michael states that he was acting on Dave's orders but Steve says that his mistake was working with a 'clapped out old agent' was his mistake.

Dave and Michael then leave and drive to Covington Supplies in El Burro Heights and on the way Dave has Michael phone Franklin Clinton to assist in retrieving Kerimov but only after he threatens to send agents to his aunts house. He also asks Michael to phone Trevor Philips, who agent Norton had failed to kill nine years earlier as they will need a skilled pilot. Michael refuses and Dave, having second guessed his reluctance, informs Michael that the FIB have already had Trevor delivered to their destination. Michael then points out to Dave the flaw in involving Trevor: that Michael would appear to be working for the FIB and with the agent who received the credit for arresting Michael and killing Bradley Snider.

Michael arrives at Covington Supplies and tells Dave to leave without being spotted by Trevor, which Dave agrees with and leaves. Michael finds Franklin and an agitated Trevor. Trevor immediately spots a father-son type relationship between the two and tells Franklin that he could find a better father figure. Michael then introduces the two to each other explaining that Trevor is fly him to the location and Franklin is to position himself on the roof of a building opposite the IAA building in order to make the FIB agents happy and walk away for it clean. Trevor asks whether they will help them release Bradley Snider but Michael tells him they'll talk about that later.

Franklin leaves while Michael gets changed into an outfit that will allow him to rapel down the building. Trevor flies to the IAA building and on the way Michael explains that the reason he left his old crew of Trevor and Brad was because of the ties to his family. Trevor asks about Michael's ties to him and Brad, which argues got Trevor involved in their current situation with the FIB. Trevor hovers close to the IAA buildings roof allowing Michael to rapel down with Michael warning that he would climb back up the rope and strangle Trevor with it if he messes around. Michael rapels down and sees Kerimov being interrogated by a female agent. The agent continues to abuse Kerimov by hitting him with a torch but Kerimov refuses to give them the answers they are looking for.

Michael then breaks through the window of the thirty-sixth floor and grabs Kerimov while the other agents aim their guns at him. Franklin, armed with a sniper rifle, takes down the various agents in the room and more who arrive on the scene. Michael tells Trevor they have a window to escape and exits the window, holding Kerimov. More agents turn up and Michael kills each of them as Trevor refuses to fly away while there is unfinished business. As Trevor begins to fly away three FIB helicopters approach and begin attacking Trevor's helicopter and Franklin on the roof top. Michael and Franklin destroy the helicopter while Kerimov states he is going to fall out of the helicopter despite being strapped in. Franklin and Michael destroy the helicopters with Trevor flying back to Convington Supplies and Franklin leaving the area. Michael explains to Kerimov that he is taking to some FIB agents who will explain what is about to happen.

Upon arrival Kerimov thanks Michael for saving him but is then thrown into the back of a McGill-Olsen Construction van with a sack over his head. The agents leave and Michael gets changed back into his own clothes. When Michael returns Trevor reminds Michael that he is working for the FIB and has a new running buddy, who is described by Michael as being his protégé. Trevor asks if he will teach Franklin to be old before his time with Michael responding "Yeah, or to never grow up". Trevor explains that he thinks Franklin is a good kid before saying that they are in a new city with new problems but that the idiots stay the same. Trevor then leaves in the helicopter leaving Michael at Covington Supplies.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 7 minutes
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%
Headshots Kill at least 10 enemies with headshots.


Completing the mission unlocks Hood Safari for Franklin and Trevor, By the Book for Michael and Trevor, Hotel Assassination for Franklin and Scouting the Port for Trevor. Four new Strangers and Freaks missions will also be unlocked: Grass Roots - The drag, Grass Roots - The Pickup and Paparazzo - The Meltdown for Franklin, and Grass Roots - Trevor for Trevor. Trevor also keeps the Frogger, which can be found at his airstrip in Blaine County.


Video walkthrough

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