Cuban 800

One of the best-selling aircrafts of all time, with the Cuban 800 you really are buying a piece of history, rusted rivets and all. This light engine plane might look like it was put together with one of those Krapea hex keys, but these bad boys were built to last. Plus for $32,000 you can't exactly expect a cocktail bar and a stripper pole.

Elitás Travel listing.

Cuban 800
A Cuban 800 in Grand Theft Auto V.
A Cuban 800 in Grand Theft Auto V.
A Cuban 800 in Grand Theft Auto V.
Appearance(s) GTA V
Vehicle type Civilian aircraft
Body style Twin-engine propeller plane

The Cuban 800 is a airplane in Grand Theft Auto V.



The Cuban 800 was first mentioned in a vehicle.ide file in Max Payne 3, making its first appearance in the second trailer.


The aeroplane appears to be based on the Cessna 310. It is available in black (rare), red-and-white (rare, junky paint finish only), and blue-and-white (common, junky paint finish only).


The Cuban 800 is powered by two turboprop engines, which are good enough to propel the plane forward, and nothing more. Manoeuvrability of the plane in the air is noticeably slow because of the plane's heaviness. In particular, the Cuban 800 has a heavy nose that causes it to sink constantly; the player has to constantly adjust altitude to prevent it from crashing unexpectedly. In an emergency situation, it may be hard to glide the plane to a successful landing. Should the plane lose an engine in the air, manoeuvrability and performance will be severely affected, and it is best to land the plane as soon as possible. The plane is not light enough to take off on one engine either-the player may be able to successfully rotate and lift off, but the bulkiness of the plane causes it to land after.



  • Can be bought for $240,000 from Elitas Travel.
  • A Cuban 800 is one of the planes that land occasionally in the day at Sandy Shores Airfield. If spawned, it will always taxi to the hangar next to Trevor's.
  • Occasionally found to the right of Michael's hangar, parked behind a Mammatus.