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A pre-release image of the Vestra.
A pre-release image of the Vestra.
Appearance(s) GTA V
Vehicle type Civilian aircraft

The Buckingham Vestra is a fixed-wing very light jet, introduced in the Business Update for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.



The Vestra is the smallest and lightest jet-powered aircraft in the series. It is heavily based on the Cirrus Vision SF50, although it has two engines mounted near the tail instead of the SF50's single engine mounted through the tail. The Vestra oddly does not feature a visible rudder, though it still turns normally as if it had one. More notable about the plane is its V-shaped tail.

In a pre-release image, the Vestra was depicted with a white body with orange trim and wings. This colour scheme is not available in GTA V; the planes added to the three protagonists' hangars are always black.


The two jet engines and the light weight of the aeroplane combine for a good power-to-weight ratio, making the Vestra the fastest civilian aeroplane in the game, beaten only by the military P-996 Lazer.

The small size of the aeroplane also gives it an added advantage of greater manoeuvreability over the Shamal and the Luxor. Its handling in the air rivals that of the Mallard plane, as it is very agile when performing aileron rolls and rudder turns in particular.



  • Automatically 'deposited' into all three protagonists' hangars once the Business Update has been installed. (Only, of course, after the player obtains at least one hangar)
  • Not flown by NPCs under normal circumstances.

GTA Online


  • The Vestra shares its engine sounds with the Shamal and Luxor.