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The following is a script of the mission "That Special Someone" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone call

U.L. Paper: Bellic, I have your man. He's been flown in. We're going to drop him in the airport cargo area for you.

Niko: No more jobs, is that it? Am I out?

U.L. Paper: You're out. You've done good things for us and we are grateful. That said, I've given you a lot of protection. From here in, you're alone. Goodbye.


(Niko calls Roman)

Niko: Roman, they've brought Darko Brevic into the country for me. This is almost over. I'm going to finish it.

Roman: Niko, you can't do this alone. I'm coming with you. Come collect me from Firefly Island.

Niko: Alright, wait there for me.

(Niko goes to Roman and they heard towards Francis International Airport)

Roman: Cousin, there you are.

Niko: They are bringing him to the cargo bay at Francis International. I do not want to be late after I have waited so long.

Roman: Well, this is the big moment - what you have been waiting for for so long. I hope you will not be disappointed.

Niko: Disappointment is not a consideration. I have not been the same man since the day that Darko betrayed us. Since I saw those things.

Roman: You lost a lot of friends that day, Niko. We both did.

Niko: In some way, our friends from the village were lucky. I lost myself that day too. Everything that was good and innocent in me died along with them. If I could live those hours again, I think I would have preferred to be buried in the pit along with everyone else. This is all that is left of me. What am I good at, Roman? What is my trade? I deal in death because that is all that is open to me.

Roman: I will tell you what you are good at, Niko. You are a good cousin and a good friend. You still have integrity. No matter what you say there is humanity in you. You still have the power to be good. It's important that you believe that.

Niko: Maybe I will start to believe it when Darko is dead. That might give me some perspective.

Roman: This killing must stop sometime, Niko. Once this is done, then you must begin to forgive. Think about your future instead of the horrible things that have happened to you, to us, to all of us, in the past.

Niko: After this is done, then we can talk about forgiveness and redemption. Now is not the time for such conversation.

(Niko and Roman arrive at the airport.)

Niko: This is it. This is where it all ends.

(Darko is thrown out of a van by U.L. Paper informants. The van drives off, and Niko and Roman approach the bound Darko)

Niko: You remember me?

Darko: Leave me alone, I don't know you. I don't know you.

(Niko leans down and grabs hold of Darko)

Niko: Yes you do. I'm the one, who survived.

Darko: Niko... hello.

Niko: Just tell me why.

Darko: Why?

Niko: We were friends. We were all friends. We all grew up together... Dmitar, Dragan, Goran, Mijo... should I go on and name them all?

Darko: We were friends, but I had other friends!

(Darko rolls away from Niko and struggles to stand with his hands still bound behind his back)

Darko: Friends that Goran and his guys killed. My fucking neighbours!

(Darko approaches Niko and gets in his face)

Darko: Because of what? Because of shit!

(Darko turns and walks towards Roman, getting in his face)

Darko: Lies. Fucking lies!

Niko: So that makes it ok. To stab your friends in the back?

(Darko stumbles back)

Darko: When everything you believe is shown to be shit, you make strange choices I guess.

(Niko grabs Darko and pulls him closer)

Niko: Fuck you! Strange choices? How much?

(Darko laughs and stumbles back)

Darko: A thousand.

(Niko lets go and steps back, distraught)

Niko: You killed my friends for one thousand dollars?

Darko: How much do you charge to kill someone?

Niko: You ruined me, you fuck!

Darko: I needed the money... I had problems.

Niko: You're a fucking junkie!

(Darko falls to his knees)

Darko: Kill me then! You were always a hypocrite. Trust me, you'll be doing me a favor!

Roman: Niko - come on, let's go. Let him suffer... he knows what he did. He doesn't look like he enjoys life too much.

(Darko continues crying, struggles and stands again)

Roman: Let's go cousin.


Roman: It seems like living will be more painful for him than death. Let's go.

Roman: Leave him. He's not worth wasting your energy on.

Roman: Come on, Niko. It's time to go.

Roman: We should go, Niko. You've seen what happened to him.

Darko: Where am I? What is this place? You say I ruined you? You were always a killer! I just helped you see that! I'm lost... I'm lost!

(The player is then given the choice to either kill or spare Darko)

Darko spared

(Niko walks away and allows Darko to live)

Roman: Will you take me over to Brucie's house?

(Niko and Roman enter a vehicle)

Niko: I'm turning this shit off, I can't take listening to those annoying ads and DJs right now.

Roman: You did the right thing, Niko. It is not often that a man can be sure of that but you definitely did the right thing. Be proud of yourself.

Niko: Let's have a fucking party, break out the champagne. I let a diseased, traitorous junkie live after hunting him for over a decade. Shit, someone hand me the keys to the fucking city.

Roman: There's no need to take that tone, cousin.

Niko: I'm sorry if my tone offends you, Roman. But this has been a very difficult moment for me. It took every fiber of my being pulling in the same direction, not to kill Darko, to not get revenge for all those lives he took away.

Roman: What made you spare him, Niko?

Niko: I don't know. I wanted it for so long. He would just be dead like everyone else from our village. I was the one that survived the first attack. Living is not easy.

Roman: No.

Niko: I would live through killing Darko as well, but then, when I looked at him, I realized that nothing would change if I killed him, revenge would not somehow shut the book on what I have seen. Only those who die get closure, the living do not.

Roman: So, you keep living and you try to have a happy life. You try to move on.

Niko: I try to, yes.

Darko killed

(Niko shoots Darko four times and he falls to his knees. He then shoots him three more times and he falls on his back. He is then shot five more times, killing him)

Niko: You piece of shit. That was for everyone. That was for me.

Roman: Okay, Niko. It's over. It's all over now. Leave him there. We should go before anyone turns up. Will you take me over to Brucie's house?

Niko: I'm turning this shit off, I can't take listening to those annoying ads and DJs right now.

Roman: There you go, you got your revenge. How does it feel?

Niko: I don't know how it feels. I'm trying to take it all in.

Roman: This is the moment you've been waiting for for so long, Niko. What do you mean you don't know how you feel?

Niko: I mean I don't know. I feel empty, okay? I feel empty.

Roman: That's something, at least.

Niko: No Roman, it's nothing. The emptiness is what I was trying to get rid of by finding Darko. I've been empty ever since that day. I thought that revenge, that killing Darko, might fill me up a bit. It might five me some substance.

Roman: And it hasn't?

Niko: No, it hasn't. Does that make you happy?

Roman: Of course it doesn't make me happy but maybe this is good for you. Maybe now that you know that revenge is not what you are after you can look for fulfillment in other places. Healthy ones.

Niko: Maybe... maybe. I don't know.

(After the player makes their decision, Niko takes Roman to Brucie's apartment)

Roman: Here we are, do you want to come in and hang with Brucie?

Niko: No, I need to be alone. Thank you for being with me, cousin.

Roman: Do not mention it. Call me, Niko. The wedding is soon.

Alternate dialogue

Roman: Darko Brevic, here in Liberty City. You have worked hard to make this happen.

Niko: Every moment since our friends from the village were killed, I have worked to find out who it was that betrayed us. And when I knew, everything I've done has been to find that person.

Roman: I know, Niko.

Niko: It was weeks after the massacre that I realized that we must have been give up by someone in our group... by someone from our own village. I had to go back to the pit where the bodies were dumped. I had to count the ripe corpses and to see who was missing.

Roman: Niko, I know.

Niko: That wasn't something the old me could have done, but losing those friends, seeing them cut down in their prime. It hardened me, it made me cold.

Roman: I know it did, Niko. But that was a long time ago. I'm not saying that Darko should be forgiven - it is not our place to do that. But the Darko you are going to meet might be very different from the one who led our friends to their death.

Niko: He will be enough of that man to justify what I have to do to him. Be assured of that, cousin.

Post mission phone calls


Darko spared

Niko: Florian, I thought you should let you know, I found Darko. The guilt has destroyed him. I don't know. Somehow it was better to walk away.

Florian: You know what, I'm really proud of you, Niko Bellic. After what we've had to live with these last twelve or thirteen years, I know how much it hurt you, and you walked away. I know this must be hard for you, but you won, Niko. You really did. We've got to celebrate. You're free now... maybe a spa day?

Niko: Sure, whatever... I'll speak to you soon, Bernie.

Darko killed

Niko: Florian, I thought you should know, Darko is dead. He's finally paid for his crimes.

Bernie: That's good to know, Niks. You should let go of it now. You have a new life in America, forget the past.

Niko: Sometimes I think my past is all I got. So long. You look after yourself.


Pegorino: Niko, the shit has gone down. I need to see you. Come to the club in Tudor.

Niko: Alright Mr. Pegorino, I'll see you there.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Roman: Come on you stupid thing.

Roman: Fine, keep it. Plenty more quarters where that came from.

Patrick: How about we go drinking?

Niko: I can't, Packie. I might have found what I was looking for all this time.

Patrick: Man, it's Packie calling.

Niko: Maybe I'll feel like getting drunk later though.

Roman: You're not eating my money.