United Liberty Paper

United Liberty Paper, U.L. Paper, U.L.P or simply U.L.P.C. (C. for Company) is a front company based in Liberty City for the IAA (International Affairs Agency) in the HD Universe, appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko Bellic works with them through an anonymous representative. The IAA return in Grand Theft Auto V without a guise.


Almost no information about the nature of U.L. Paper is given over the course of the game, except that, according to Niko's contact, they are not part of the FIB. They appear to have considerable resources and influence, and in some way co-operate with public authorities -- it is their subterfuge which leads to the capture of Elizabeta Torres, and the resulting collapse of her distribution operation. They also seem to control or are in cohorts with the FIB, since the FIB participated in the cover-up of the chopper attack in Paper Trail.

Niko's contact within U.L. Paper says, "It's hard to tell who the good guys are. I'm not a good guy, but I work with the good guys,". The IAA in Liberty City seem to be hard at work to keep illegal activity at arm's length (they commission Niko to commit several murders, and perform one illegal rendition as a favour to Niko late in the game). The Agency offers several missions supposedly related to stopping terrorist activity in Liberty City. Niko is blackmailed into working for the IAA after discovering that his girlfriend, Michelle (real name Karen), is in a similar predicament, and was in truth assigned to monitor him.

The United Liberty Paper building is on Columbus Ave in The Triangle, Algonquin, Liberty City.

The IAA Building is in the Pillbox Hill neighbourhood of Los Santos, San Andreas.

In the game's files, U.L. Paper's missions are titled "CIA", ie, the Central Intelligence Agency. Several framed documents on the contact's office walls carry the seal of the CIA. In GTA V, his former apprentice Karen has seemingly gone on to work for the IAA full time when she's seen torturing Ferdinand Kerimov in the IAA Building.


  • While the mission string for U. L. Paper is still available, and having managed to attain a wanted level of three or more stars, Niko will, after evasion or death, receive a phone call from the U. L. Paper contact expressing his displeasure at Niko's recklessness in that he can now get away with things. In some instances, high wanted levels will cause him to call you and comment about Niko's "johnson" being too big to keep in his pants.
  • The ground floor has an interior with pedestrians walking around but is inaccessible to anyone from outside.
  • A diploma hanging on his wall has the name "Edward T. Fortune". The same diploma can be seen hanging on the wall of Vic Manzano's office. Therefore, it can be assumed that it is just a generic model.
  • It is possible that U.L. Paper contact's appearance was based on Bosnian Serb writer Ivo Andrić, referring to his possible Serbian heritage.

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