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This could be one of the most difficult and/or frustrating missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Hilary's car appears to be faster than Tommy's Sentinel; but in fact, he can only accelerate faster and corner slightly better than Tommy. In a straight-a-way Tommy will be able to pass him.


Head to the Malibu Club and walk into the pink halo next to the bar. After the cutscene finishes, you will meet Hilary King, who is sitting inside his Sabre Turbo. He will then tell you that you have to beat him in order for him to work for him. He also states that if you leave him alone, he will never forgive him. The race is a bit long which stretches half of the map of the first island (Washington Beach - Vice Point). But, before you accept the mission, park a fast vehicle like a Cheetah or an Infernus near the Washington Beach Police Station. When you start the race, ram him or shoot him until you get to this point, then switch to the fast car but avoid collision in order to get you to 1st place.


  • Hilary's Sabre Turbo is bulletproof, In order to get the car, wait for Hilary to finish the race and snipe him through the head before he gets to finish line, steal it and save it to the garage.