Union Drive

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Union Drive
Niko Bellic talking to Bernie Crane in Crane's apartment.

Niko Bellic talking to Bernie Crane in Crane's apartment.
For Bernie Crane
Location Middle Park West
Fail The Russians Escape, Bernie Crane Dies
Unlocks Buoys Ahoy
Unlocked by Bernie Crane Mission Hating the Haters

This article is about the mission given by Bernie Crane in Grand Theft Auto IV. For the road in Algonquin, see Union Drive East and Union Drive West.

Union Drive is the second mission for Bernie Crane in Grand Theft Auto IV


The objective of the mission is to meet with blackmailers of Bernie. Bernie explains that the people that he and Niko are meeting are representatives of the blackmailers in Northwood. He says to take a "fast and intimidating car", there is usually a Comet or Turismo nearby. Bernie lets the reps know that he will not negotiate with them, and it is revealed that they are representing Dimitri Rascalov. The player is instructed to chase and kill them, but it is easier to focus on the road (watch out for buses and trucks blocking your way), and eventually they will reach a dead end in Castle Garden City. The player can then exit the vehicle and kill Dimitri's men with a weapon. Take Bernie home to complete the mission.

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  • The name of the mission is double entendre referring to two seemingly unrelated topics. On one hand, the name references the nature of the mission: To drive in order to secure a "union" between lovers; on the other, it references the names of highways where much of the car chase in the mission occurs, Union Drive East and Union Drive West.
  • The mission is one of only a handful of occasions in the game when a Super GT is available to be taken.
  • After completing the mission, a Weazel News report on the radio will say Russian business man Dimitri Rascalov was held by police but released without charges. This event has little to do with the story, although it does show that the police suspect him or know what he's up to.
  • Dimitri calls soon after this mission and tells Niko he will "cut him in" if he helps expose Dawkins, and he also makes jokes about Niko being gay for hanging out with Bernie this is implied that he doesn't know were Niko is but he knows what he's up to.
  • When the player gets to the Castle Tunnel a police cruiser will chase the hitmen, but will lose control and crash. This is one of the two times in the game the LCPD will pursue someone rather than the player. The other time is in Buoys Ahoy.
  • If the chase lasts until the park and Niko shoots the blackmailers there, odds are a wanted level will be triggered. Unusually, however, the mission does not require Niko to lose the wanted level before taking Bernie home and ending the mission.