Buoys Ahoy

Buoys Ahoy
Bernie Crane informing Niko Bellic that he something important planned for the two of them.
Bernie Crane informing Niko Bellic that he something important planned for the two of them.

Bernie Crane informing Niko Bellic that he something important planned for the two of them.
For Bernie Crane
Target Dimitri's men
Location Humboldt River
Reward $6,500
Unlocks Bryce Dawkins' Infernus
Unlocked by Union Drive

Buoys Ahoy is a mission for Bernie Crane, formerly known as Florian Cravic.


Soon after completing Union Drive, Niko will receive a text from Bernie, saying he is having a panic attack. Niko heads over to Pier 45 where Bernie is waiting. Bernie will inform Niko he has something very important planned for both of them. This "business" is actually just a fun day. Niko finally agrees to hangout with Bernie.

Bernie will get onto a boat with his picnic basket. The two drive over to a spot near Firefly Island. Bernie will use some binoculars to get sight of another boat with "cute guys". Niko and Bernie find out that the cute guys are actually Dimitri Rascalov's Goons.

Unless Niko manages to kill them before they reach land, the boat will dock at a pier in Steinway near the cemetery; Niko will follow the goons into said cemetery and kill them. This will finish the mission. Some time after, Niko will get a call from Bernie telling him he left a present from him and Bryce in the car park behind his apartment.


After the mission, Bernie calls Niko Bellic, telling him to collect Bryce Dawkins' orange Infernus, as a gift from both of them for helping them keep their love affair secret. This is the only orange Infernus available in the game, and cannot be repainted at Pay 'n' Spray, it also is the only version with black sport rims and a black stripe on the side skirt. The Infernus will be parked in the car park behind Bernie Crane's apartment, in Varsity Heights. Once in the car, Niko will thank Bryce for the gift, hoping it wasn't funded by the city budget. This will complete Bernie Crane's missions. However, unbeknowest to Niko, the car was previously bugged by Johnny Klebitz for Thomas Stubbs III in The Lost and Damned (see Knowing Me, Knowing You).

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  • When Bernie tells Niko that they are going to "have fun", he states that "fun" is a four letter word, when it is clearly a three lettered word. This references the fact "a four letter word" is a general term for obscene terms, no matter how many letters.
  • This is one of the few times in the Grand Theft Auto IV storyline that Bernie doesn't act negatively to being called "Florian".
  • When Bernie tells Niko that they are going to have fun, Niko will respond negatively to that comment, stating that he doen't have fun because he is trying to cope with debts while people are always trying to kill him.
  • At one point during the chase, the player is led between two ships that are closing together, which may be a reference to the early boat chase scene in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
  • After you receive the phone call from Bernie about his Infernus, a destination will come up on your radar, showing where to pick the car up. Before you pick it up, Infernus' will become much more common around Liberty City, as will Coquette's, Banshee's, and various other sports cars. After you pick the car up, however, these cars will become rare again.
  • Halfway through the chase, a Police Predator will try to stop the fleeing Russians, but will get blown up instead. This is the second and last time the LCPD will pursuit someone rather than the player.
  • At one point during the chase, the Russian boat runs up a ramp and does a jump. If Niko follows him in his boat, he'll execute one of the game's stunt jumps.