Hating the Haters

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Hating the Haters
Niko Bellic and Bernie Crane leaving Crane's apartment.

Niko Bellic and Bernie Crane leaving Crane's apartment.
For Bernie Crane
Target Homophobic man
Location Ivy Drive South in Middle Park West, Algonquin
Fail Player character dies
Bernie Crane killed
Target escapes
Reward $6,000
Unlocks Union Drive
Unlocked by Weekend at Florian's

Hating the Haters is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Bernie Crane from his apartment on Ivy Drive South in Middle Park West, Algonquin, Liberty City. It is unlocked by the mission Weekend at Florian's.


Niko arrives at Bernie's apartment after receiving an urgent text message from him. Bernie tells Niko that there is a homophobic man who keeps threatening Bernie. Bernie fears going outside now and feels like he's a prisoner in his own home. As a result, Niko wants to help Bernie by confronting with this man by luring him out as Bernie does his regular jogging in Middle Park, and drives him to the park.

After Bernie does some stretching, he jogs along a path while Niko is required to keep a distance behind to ensure the homophobe appears. As Bernie jogs under a bridge, the homophobe is found to be hiding behind the bridge and hits Bernie in the groin with a baseball bat. Niko comes along and wants the man to pick on him instead, which translates to the player being required to kill the homophobe. If the player is unable to kill the target swiftly, the man will acquire a parked Faggio and flee, forcing the player to steal another parked Faggio and give chase in a pursuit that predominantly takes place within the borders of Middle Park. Once Niko kills the man, Bernie is so happy that he don't have to worry anymore and wants Niko to drive him to Perseus in The Exchange.




The reward for completing this mission is $6,000, and the mission Union Drive is unlocked.


  • A Carmen Ortiz look-a-like can be seen with another man, but this is not Carmen, as if this look-a-like is killed, it will not affect Niko's relationship with Carmen.
  • The homophobe and his attacks on gay joggers is mentioned in the Liberty City Tree and Weazel News websites at some point in the game.
  • Bernie is immortal until you get to Middle Park and trigger the cutscene. He will also defend you if you're being attacked.
  • If you're fast enough, you can kill the homophobe while he's riding away on the Middle Park Bridge, which makes you skip the Faggio chase.
  • The likelihood of triggering a wanted level is high during the mission. Unfortunately neither Kiki nor Francis' wanted level reductions are available.
  • The appearance of the Faggio may be a reference to Bernie's lifestyle.


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