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This article is about the fictional character Ian Phoenix. For the user who created this character, see IanPhoenix.
Ian Phoenix
Appearances Grand Theft Wiki
Full Name Ian Phoenix
Aliases IP, Feeney


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1993
Place of Birth Las Venturas
Age Now 25
Nationality American
Home Clearwater, Florida
•Secondary residences in Algonquin and Vinewood.
Main Affiliations Liberty City Rampage
Los Santos hockey team
Vehicles Navy blue Banshees
Businesses Hockey

Ian Phoenix is a character created by Grand Theft Wiki user IanPhoenix. Ian is a hockey player and resides in Clearwater, Florida during the off-season. He is on his second team, previously playing in Liberty City, and now in Los Santos. He was with the Liberty City Rampage during the 2011-12 season before being traded to Los Santos. The Los Santos team name has yet to be announced via Grand Theft Auto V.


Although only 19, Ian Phoenix owns three residences, each in a different corner of the country. As mentioned before, his primary home is in Clearwater, Florida. While playing for the Rampage, he purchased a home in Algonquin, a condominium across the hall from Kiki Jenkins with whom he is a good friend. After the trade to Los Santos, he purchased a home in Vinewood. He chose not to sell his Algonquin home because he intended to return to Liberty City from time to time. In a press statement, Phoenix has said that while he much enjoyed his time with the Rampage and in Liberty City, he feels more comfortable and relaxed in the Los Santos area. Though a hockey player, he prefers warmer temperatures. Also, his estate in Vinewood is closer to the size of his Clearwater one, unlike the tiny living space he had in Algonquin.


Phoenix owns a total of four Banshees. Two of these are hardtop models, one at his primary home in Clearwater, and one at his Algonquin home. He also owns two convertible models, one in Clearwater, and one in Vinewood. The hardtop models are solid navy blue, and the convertible models are the same navy blue, but with a red racing stripe.

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