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This is my mixed favorites in the GTA games. Feel free to check it out!

Favorite Vehicles

  1. - Infernus - It is super cool, it improved, looks like a race car, extremely fast, can easily drift, a car digged by girls like Carmen Ortiz in GTA IV.
  2. - NRG 500/900 - Cool design, extremly fast, useful for stunts.
  3. - Banshee - When painted in yellow and a long black stripe, it looks like that cool robot, Bumblebee from Transformers, also fast and can drift easily.
  4. - Super GT - What I use when I have no cars for dates because it's a cheat(I spawn a Super GT from the cellphone, that's the cheat), the car that looks more like James Bond's car(I meant that it's cool when you're also wearing a suit, makes Niko look more like James Bond with the black Super GT), also one of the fastest cars, can be sold in Stevie's Garage for $11,000(Where I get my hospital money).
  5. - Annihilator - Super cool helicopter with fast flight speed and machine gun. ALthough you can't use it for camera recording.(Because the propeller and the front hood is visible), it's useful for myth hunting.

Favorite Weapons

  1. - Desert Eagle - The strongest type of pistol, loaded with .50 CAL bullets
  2. - M4A1 Carbine Rifle - A strong rifle which I also use in Counter-Strike(Yes, I also play CS but my version is Condition Zero, I probably would waste money for Source) because of it's Silence Extension, making it more powerful and quiet when playing CS, too bad that the Silencer not available in SA and IV, but still my favorite rifle
  3. - Baseball Bat - My favorite melee weapon, rather the Scout's melee weapon in TF2. I love this because I can do cool combos like what the active Scout does in killing Heavies. To do some combos, Press X to dodge the attack of an enemy, then press O or /\ with ONE of the D-Arrow Keys to perform one of the combos. (If you love the Scout, say "BOINK" or "BONK" with every hit. LOL! Not really necessary but it is for fun)
  4. - Fist - Yeah, I love to kick butt with only the fist, 'cause I can do combos with it. It is somewhat irritating because Niko doesn't dodge qucikly or rather, you have to press X once to dodge instead of holding the X button to dodge automatically. You have to analyze the enemy's attacks and time your luck of dodging it. If you wanna try those combos but your enemy is a quick puncher, I recommend tapping the X button quickly until Niko squats or backs off a little to dodge the attack.
  5. - Grenades - Super explosive and it gives me time to run away before it explodes.

Favorite Characters

  1. - Woozie - Blind but calm and nice guy. Friendly and respectful to CJ and to his "people". I never saw him brutal and foul-mouthed in the game.
  2. - Dwayne Forge - Guy with lost reputation, but has a heart and is a friendly person. He helps Niko by providing him backup when he needs it(Which I use in Myth Hunting when going to the Sprunk Factory).
  3. - Carl Johnson - Nice and cool protagonist in GTA San Andreas. He is friendly(How he was friendly to Cesar Vialpando and still cares about Ryder and Big Smoke even if they betrayed him and Sweet) and is random(What you want CJ to be is what I meant by random, like Muscular of Flabby, Good or bad, whatever).
  4. - Roman Bellic - Niko's cousin. To me, he's funny when he gives Niko trouble but wished to help him(As heard in the last mission when you chose Revenge, he said,"Kate died at my wedding and I'll help you out."), he also gives him free car service(Although the driver is mean to Niko).
  5. - Reni Wassulmaier - The only one related in GTA Vice City Stories in my favorites. He is a bisexual, but is funny when socializing with Vic, before he had his fourth sexchange, in one of the missions, he told Vic to give him a kiss. I like it when he said in the mission, In the Air Tonight, "Fantastiche! I was just telling Barry he should get some implants!"

Favorite Myths

  1. - UFO Sightings - One of the most popular myths in GTA. They are round, star-like objects moving on the sky. Tiny blinking lights appear with them. My opinion about this is perhaps Rockstar was too lazy making many air vehicles, so they turned those "vehicles" into round objects resembling airplanes and helicopters
  2. - Bigfoot - San Andreas' one and only animal. It is rumored to be living in Shady Creeks. But it can also be downloaded as a Player Model in PC.
  3. - Abandoned Sprunk Factory - People check this factory to look for ghosts and whatever else is going on around it. It located in Niblick Street, Tudor, Alderney.
  4. - Leatherface - Located in Fisherman's Lagoon. Can be seen with a bloody chainsaw and mask. People make fanmade movies out of the Bloody Chainsaw and Mask mod in PC. I saw a lot of those movies and they were horribly fantastic!
  5. - Serial Killers - They are nothing but people with hats and silly disguises equipped with CAMERAS(Yeah I see them taking pictures, are they really Serial Killers?! Maybe disguises?) and weak punches(I tried attacking one of them, they're aggressive but are weaklings). They are located on the desert sides of Las Venturas, along with bodybags as also one of the myths in SA located in a grave dump on the desert.


  1. About the melee combos, I don't own an XBOX but I own a PS3 console. Notice the X, [], O, /\, and R1 buttons on the Baseball bat and the Fist.
  2. I wrote my favorite myths because they are cool, but scary.
  3. The Serial Killer I saw was holding a camera, don't argue with me about whatever he's holding, either a shovel or a pistol.
  4. So far, GTA IV and GTA San Andreas are my most favorite games.
  5. If this is not in my wiki userpage, go see me, sorry because I'm such a noob and is too excited to write things about myself.