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* Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas [[User:Deki631|Deki631]] ([[User talk:Deki631|talk]])
* Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas [[User:Deki631|Deki631]] ([[User talk:Deki631|talk]])
* Helicopter Hanging,like when you jump on a helicopter and hang  on it,not like in gta iv when you fell of.
* Helicopter Hanging,like when you jump on a helicopter and hang  on it,not like in gta iv when you fell of.
* the player can use the car trunk to transport items (tv,brifecase.....) or the pick-up cars [[User:Hyundaifan|Hyundaifan]] ([[User talk:Hyundaifan|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/Hyundaifan|edits]])

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Raptomex's Wishlist

  • I loved the gang warfare in San Andreas. However, once all the territories were taken over there was no areas to go and fight. GTA IVs gang wars (TLAD and drug wars in TBOGT) were pretty cool but a bit simple. It would be cool to have it done a little more in depth. Infiltrate a gang house, assassinate high ranking gang members, etc. Even if gangs are not a focus in GTA V something similar would be very cool.
  • When first introcduced to the girlfriend concepts in San Andreas I though it was cool. Overtime it got to be just annoying. I would get their ratings to 100% to get my gift then just kill them. I could care less either way if they return in GTA V. But them along with friendships, I feel once we reach 100% I don't think that percentage should lower. I really wish it wasn't required for 100% completion of the game either.
  • I really hope all the main story missions are replayable again and I hope this becomes a staple in the series. I loved replaying many of the missions in Chinatown Wars and TBOGT. I always wished I could replay missions in the GTA III era of games without restarting the entire game. If I'm correct we couldn't see the cutscenes again in TBOGT, though. It would be cool to be able to watch those again while replaying a mission.
  • Based on rumors, I've heard feul may be a new feature added. I don't hate the idea but I'm also worried about it. I don't want to be on the run or having to switch cars fast and get into a vehicle that's low on feul or empty. Also, I don't want to have to worry about refeulling a vehicle all the time. I'm sure Rockstar would make it work nicely, though. Eating in San Andreas wasn't a pain. You could get your weight not even halfway to full and still play for hours before you would have to eat again. I did also read about rupturing feul lines. By shooting the gas trail, the blaze would follow the trail and blow up the source. If that's accurate that would be just downright awesome.
  • It's cool to buy outfits but I think it would be just as awesome to create your own. In San Andreas there were so many clothing choices it was insane. I always thought it would be cool to wear a certain shirt with certain pants and any other accessories and be able to save that as an outfit. This way I could load up my outfits list and just load up that outfit instead of having to individually choose my clothing pieces.
  • Along with the drug wars as I mentioned above I would love to see more side missions. After completing GTA IV, the lack of side missions really got me down compared to San Andreas. I still ran around causing chaos but it would be cool be able to do side missions like drug running, assassinations, burglaries, bank robberies, etc. Burglaries in San Andreas were awesome, I really hope that feature returns. Robbing banks would also be an awesome side mission.
  • I've always loved buying real estate and businesses in the GTA games. I hope it returns and making money off these businesses was always cool, too. I enjoyed how Vice City Stories was able to directly deposit the money into your account instead of driving to each location and collecting.
  • As much of a nuisance hidden packages really are, they are pretty much a staple to the series. If they do return I only have one thing to say; "200 pigeons was too damn much". Not only that, but you had to shoot them and risk a wanted level. And if the player isn't using cheats it's a pain to drive around to lose the cops then move on to the next pigeon/hidden package.
  • I was really disappointed in the ammo cap lift reward after 100% completion in GTA IV. It was always cool to complete a GTA game 100% (with the exception og GTA III) and then be rewarded with infinite ammo. This way I could create my own weapon set. I wish they would bring that back for GTA V.
  • Whether or not gangs are a focus in GTA V I'm really hoping for recruitable buddies to help you and follow you wherever you go. After 100% completion in Vice City you can hire two thugs which was a nice reward, San Andreas did it perfectly and GTA IV had it only if you kill Playboy X. Dwayne's buddies would help you but only for a limited amount of time. I wish they would stay with you until they die or you decide to disband. It's cool to perform drive-bys with friends and have them shoot back at the cops while you're in pursuit. With the added gang wars in TLAD and drug wars in TBOGT it was pretty cool to have buddies with you.
  • I would love destructible environments in GTA V. Even if it has it's limits it would be awesome and really add to the combat. One minute you're in cover and the next an onslaught of bullets destroys your cover and you have to quickly find another spot. It would be cool to see buildings somewhat destroyed. Then you can leave the area, come back, see a construction zone, leave the area again, come back and see it rebuilt. I assume it would be similar to the Red Faction series but more limited.
  • As seen in the first GTA V trailer, some of the guys had silencers on their assault rifles. To me, this could mean two things, customizable weapons is a feature, or this is only part of a cutscene/mission. I really hope the player can customize weapons.
  • I would love to see stealth make a return in GTA V. It was cool in San Andreas but very limited. There was only one stealth move and a silenced pistol. I don't want stealth to dominate the combat but it would be cool if the player was given the option to tackle a situation stealthfully or all guns blazing. This could also apply to the customizable weapons mentioned above. Before starting a mission you can add silencers to some of your weapons and take out targets quietly.

--Raptomex (talk) 21:19, 22 November 2011 (UTC)

  • PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! change the main character into a humbled gangbanger i mean come this story line is based in 2011 were in a recession crisis and money is what everyone want i don't care what race or bias the main character is just don't make him some type of goody guy going bad please return the sanandreas that everyone missed like gang warfare latino, african-american and asian gangs alike. real life enviroments, cars ability to do just about everything you can do in the real human world. bring animals like stray cats and dogs rats mice etc LSPD MORE LIKE LAPD crime just not commited by player character but also non-player characters bring in the ability to pay for a house note and bills limited gas in vehicles c'mon if you guys are trying to make a real freaking game this is your chance to to out do even the battlefied 3 and odern warfare 3 series and give your new game a sky rocking 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marterrius2011 (talk)

more island more vehicles more weapons

  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Deki631 (talk)
  • Helicopter Hanging,like when you jump on a helicopter and hang on it,not like in gta iv when you fell of.
  • the player can use the car trunk to transport items (tv,brifecase.....) or the pick-up cars Hyundaifan (talk|edits)