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{{Gripe}}No more useful cheat codes like invulnerability.
{{Gripe}}No more useful cheat codes like invulnerability.
:{{Rebut}}GTA IV is all about realism.Bare this in mind.
:{{Rebut}}GTA IV is all about realism.Bare this in mind.
{{Gripe}} yeah, but realisim is the WORST part of the game

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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA IV Gripes list.

For now, this page is open to everybody. If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked, and all submissions will have to go through the Discussion page.

The "Gripes" on this page are intended to warn new players of things they may not like about the game.

The "Rebuts" on this page are intended to explain to new players why some gripes may not be a "gripe" for all players.

Please do not repeat other people's gripes. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist gripes or rebuttals.

How To Gripe

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  • Start a gripe with {{Gripe}}, then follow with your gripe.

How To Rebut Gripes

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  • Rebuttals should address reasons it is not a valid gripe, and should not accuse the gripe of being "silly" or "stupid."

Gripe RebutThere are no cheat codes in multiplayer.

RebutThis could be so gameplay is fair.
RebutThis could have just been R* encouraging less cheats.

RebutOkay, but what about vehicle cheats and weapon cheats?

RebutProbably R* just trying to make everyone have an equal amount of power and not having an advantage.
RebutCheats and cheaters are frowned upon in many multiplayer games, and I see no reason why Grand Theft Auto should be any different. I know I would be more than a little angry if I was fighting against a player who could not die.

RebutI can see that for example health cheats and armor cheats are unfair because if you shot someone, you couldn't kill them. I see that weapon cheats are unfair because someone could keep punching that in to the cell phone and could go around and kill other players. But how are vehicle cheats unfair? It would be nice to have vehicles that are normally found in single player to be found on multiplayer as well, like the Comet or the FIB Buffalo.

Gripe RebutWhy are cheat codes imputed into the cell phone(It's convenient but slightly annoying).

RebutI don't see how it's annoying. When you type it in, it is automatically saved on your phone. It's better than having to press buttons all the time.

RebutI guess you're right.Touche,my adversary


RebutI like the idea, but I only wish that Niko wouldn't move out of cover when you brought the phone up. Got me killed so many times, because he just walks into open range, and every time he gets shot he puts the phone away and has to start again.


RebutYes!!!I know!That's why I made that gripe!Thank you for agreeing.

Gripe Rebut They toke away all the good codes like the money cheat, infinite ammo, and infinite health.


RebutThat is very true.That's why I play Saints Row 2.Not to mention I have a PS3 so now I won't be able to play Chinatown Wars or Lost and Damned.

RebutI don't even know why this person set up this page anyway. Rockstar made GTA IV as lesser of a cheat game. When you cheat, it shows you have NO TALENT!!!

Gripe RebutNo more useful cheat codes like invulnerability.

RebutGTA IV is all about realism.Bare this in mind.

Gripe Rebut yeah, but realisim is the WORST part of the game