Los Santos Vagos

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Members of the Los Santos Vagos

Los Santos Vagos (literally translated from Spanish to English as or "Los Santos Slackers" or "Los Santos Lazy Ones") is a Mexican gang found to be in league with the Ballas.

Los Santos Vagos, like the Ballas, pose a threat to Carl Johnson when they see him and they can engage in gang wars. The Vagos and the Grove Street Families have intense rivalry, but the Vagos biggest rivals of all are their Mexican counterparts, the Varrios Los Aztecas. After Carl and Cesar Vialpando (the Aztecas' Leader) were exiled from Los Santos, the Vagos took away all of the Aztecas's territory, until the return of the Grove Street Families allowed Carl and Cesar to regain the territory. They were once known to be rivals of the San Fierro Rifa, but have come into good terms with them due to drug trafficking between them.

Heavily involved in the drug trade, they had a major involvement in Big Smoke's short lived, but once powerful cocaine empire. The Vagos' Leader, Big Poppa, even gained the mansion of rapper Madd Dogg when he was unable to pay off his debt (until Carl and the San Andreas Triads launched an offensive on the mansion, with Carl personally killing Big Poppa). The Vagos are seen wearing yellow bandanas.