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Black PMP 600.
Mafia PMP 600
Differences in grille style of stock and Mafia PMP 600s

The Schyster PMP 600 is a 4-door car featured only in Grand Theft Auto IV. It closely resembles a Chrysler 300C, though with much less head room because of a chop top. The front, especially the bumper, seems inspired by the Bentley Zagato. The car's brand, Schyster, is a spoof on Chrysler; also, PMP is a spoof on pimp, while the 600 number is double that of 300. The engine is a 600ci (9.8L) V8 'Semi', which explains the '600' in the car's name. The 'Semi' engine in the PMP 600 further knocks off the Chrysler 300C's 'Hemi' engine. The car handles well through corners reasonably well, and its acceleration isn't too bad. However its top speed is moderate because of the heavy weight of the car. The front bumper of the car is flimsy, and a frontal impact will cause it to press on the wheels misaligning them and causing noticeable pull left or right. A rare sport edition of this can be occasionally been seen driven around; its changes are a dark brown or plum paint job, a sport mesh grill in the front, and a small spoiler attached to the trunk.


There's one in the alley by the Exchange District Bank in Algonquin. All around you will find them, as they are a very common and popular car in Liberty City, especially in Algonquin.

The modded PMP 600 that is often driven by wiseguys can be commonly found in Westdyke and Leftwood, but it rarely can be found in Algonquin, however sometimes you can find it around Little Italy.


All PMP600s come with either horn,flashing lights,or beep alarms. The most popular alarm seems to be the horn one.

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