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The Tramp TR3 is a roadster featured in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.


The Tramp TR3 is based in both name and appearance on the Triumph TR3, "tramp" being a British term referring to a "long term homeless person who travels from place to place". In comparison to its newer counterpart, the Tramp TR4, the TR3 features a more rounded design, reflecting the Triumph TR3's 1950s roadster styling.

The Tramp TR3 is performs averagely for a vehicle of this type. Like the Tramp TR4, the car's performance ranks below that of the MCMK2, with an average but slightly poorer top speed and grip, average acceleration and poor brakes. The car's base export value is also slightly lower than the MCMK2's, at £700 in mint condition.


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