Duane Earl

Duane Earl is the host of Beyond Insemination on Blaine County Radio in Grand Theft Auto V. Duane Earl is an animal husbandry expert.

He is voiced by Danny McBride.


  • Duane hates lawyers because of his divorce from his wife and how badly it's going and recommends to one of his callers that he kill his wife instead of divorce her.


  • During his show, Duane mentions he was his middle school's soccer teacher, this is reference to Eastbound & Down where Danny McBride's character has to become his middle school's PE Teacher.
  • He may be the GTA V equivalent to Richard Bastion, host of The Richard Bastion Show, a show on GTA4's radio station, WKTT, as they both say "I ain't just a whistling dixie, because no one likes a whistler or a whistleblower!" It also seems that Blaine County Radio might also be the GTA V equivalent to WKTT, considering they're also right-wing talk-radio stations with hosts that mention the previously stated line.