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(In The Street)
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*Everyone eat dirt!
*Everyone eat dirt!
*Cover my ass!
*Cover my ass!
*Police car mic: You're trying my patience. Pull over.
*Police car mic: I'm not fucking kidding, asshole!
*Police car mic: This is your final warning! Pull over.
*Police car mic: Pull over, or I'll be very mad.
====During Arrest====
====During Arrest====

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Public Services

Taxi Drivers

When Damaging Their Vehicles

  • Stupid Malaka!
  • What the fuck are you doing to my car?!
  • What is this shit, my car!

When They're After The Player

  • Holokrypa!
  • I'll beat your ass!
  • Ah shit!
  • Dana?
  • You're gonna die!
  • You think this is gonna get fucking fancy?
  • Fuck off!
  • Miyeto Yelezes!
  • Miti Moa siverie!
  • You got a real deal now!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • Don't make me beat your ass!
  • Wanna fight me or fuck me? bring it!
  • COME ON!
  • Ay, freak o!
  • Ah! So angry!
  • You think dis is gonna be easy, don't you?
  • Wipe you're ass!
  • I dont take your shit anymore!
  • Don't fake the funk!
  • Is this all you got?
  • I'm too fast for you!
  • Where you want it? Neck? Right...
  • To Hades with you, Malaka!
  • May Poseidon swallow you whole!
  • You think I'm a fucking pansy?!

When The Player Wastes Their Time

  • Get a move on!
  • Move it
  • Are you in? Move that piece of shit!
  • Where are you waiting for?... Christmas?

When Running From Officers

  • You'll never take me, officer!
  • Fuck the hell off.




  • Burgers! 40 percent Meat!
  • Why you always pick out the "Poenzoz"?
  • BURGERS! Fresh yesterday!
  • Who wants one? They're not great when they're cooked!
  • Hey! Delicious beef patty!
  • The best in Liberty City!
  • Burgers!
  • Come on! I washed my hands!
  • Who wants my meat?
  • Come on! They're not gonna throw themselves up!
  • Will somebody fucking buy something?
  • You motherfuckers think you're too good for these?
  • I killed these cows myself!
  • Only 40% face meat, guaranteed!
  • Come and bite this plump chihuahua meat!
  • My dogs is long and hot!
  • Slurp down my hot nuts!
  • Only 12 nuts for 7!
  • Hot nuts, baby!
  • Wanna feel shitty? Buy a newspaper!
  • President said something stupid, read all about it!
  • All of the news, only one day after the internet.
  • Hot dogs, free mustard!
  • Some of these are fresh, FRESH!
  • Who wants my hot chihuahua meat?
  • Put this dog in your mouth!

When Harassed

  • Watch yourself
  • That hurt motherfucker!
  • I'm pumped!
  • Get the fuck off, bitch!

When Angry

  • You're fast for a nobody eh?
  • Let's do this bitch!
  • You want this?
  • Tell me when you're ready!
  • Ever seen moves like this?

When Mean

  • Vètecho porro!
  • Bottilala pingla!

Cluckin' Bell Male Clerk


  • Yo! Welcome to Cluckin' Bell! Can I getcha a bucket of chicken?

Burger Shot Male Clerk


  • Welcome to Burger Shot motherfucker...!
  • You got some iron stomach, dawg!
  • Enjoy, motherfucker..!



When Witnessing An Event

  • They are not going to believe this shit!
  • Oh, Jesus!
  • Yo, that's freakin' insane, man!
  • Finally, some action in this town!
  • Not good, not good, not good!
  • Damn, son! That's straight out of a movie!
  • I wish I felt sorry, but I don't.
  • Please don't be dead. Please don't be dead...
  • Aw, this is gonna be gross!
  • I'm not the only one seeing this shit, right?
  • No freakin' way!
  • Oh, that's gotta hurt!
  • Wow!
  • I wanna move back to San Andreas! Oh, man...
  • Christ! What the hell?
  • Are we gonna die?
  • Crap! What was that?
  • Someone pinch me, 'cause I wanna wake up!
  • That's the crack, my dude.
  • Did anybody see that?
  • Shit a brick! What was that?
  • Call the media!
  • I'm never getting stoned again!

When In A Collision

  • Fuck, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck!
  • Give me my money now!
  • You better have insurance!
  • What is this shit?! My car!
  • NO!! This is my mother's car!
  • Oh, no! This my first figgin' car!
  • How the hell did you hit my car?!
  • My car!
  • You stupid freak!
  • What's happening? Like...what's happening?
  • What d'you think this is, bumper cars or something?

Holland Pedestrian

In The Street

  • Yo, this your boy from Bohan, what's poppin'?
  • Yo man! I take damn people over streets son!
  • What the fuck you want?
  • Pull back you wierdo!
  • Get outta ma face son!
  • Motherfucka!
  • You better pull back before I fuck some butts!
  • Fuck outta here man!
  • YO, fuck!
  • Pull back watch ya yo!
  • Dats Russian ass daddy!
  • Yo what you do here?

When Attacking The Player

  • I'm gonna piss in ya mouth!
  • Motherfucking damn son!
  • You're motherfucking face is not gonna roll me!
  • I'll drop you son! South Bohan style!


In The Street

  • Come on! Fight me!
  • Pardon me fuckface!
  • Fight me, my dick is getting hard!


During Rant

  • Listen people! You ain't goin' to Hell, you're living in it!
  • Are we truly living in a world of pain?
  • You're all going to hell!
  • You can let me punish you or live and wait for hellfire!

British Pedestrians

In The Street

  • Watch it you berk!
  • I'm gonna beat you arsehole!
  • Are you takin' the piss?

Russian Pedestrians

When In Traffic

  • Move or I'll fucking break something!
  • I'll rip your heart out!
  • There's always so much traffic in this fucking city!

Brazilian Pedestrians

When Run Into

-- (Portuguese mixed with english)

  • Vai pra casa do caralho! (Go to the dick's house!)
  • Vai tomar no teu cú, porra! (Fuck you, goddamn!)
  • Não enche meu saco não asshole! (Don't piss me off asshole!) --
  • Tá máluco?! Tá maluco?! (Are you crazy?! Are you crazy?!)
  • Tá máluco meu irmão?! Vou te meter porrada amigo! (Are you crazy bro?! I'm gonna beat you up homie!)
  • This is the best part of my day!
  • I am in fucking charge right now!
  • Vai vai meu irmão, get a fucking move on! (C'mon bro, get a fucking move on) --
  • Caralho! (Dick!)
  • Puta que pariu! (Holy Bitch!)
  • Porra! (Goddamn!)
  • What are you doing? Move it!
  • Filho da puta! (Motherfucker)
  • Vai se fuder! (Fuck you!)
  • You pick the wrong malandro to fuck with! (You pick the wrong homie to fuck with!) --

When Damaging Their Vehicles

  • Filho da puta! (Motherfucker!)

Drugged Brazilian Pedestrians

  • I spend all my grana in crack. (I spend all my cash in crack.) --
  • Do you know where i can find some grana? (Do you know where i can find some cash?) --


In The Street

  • Wanker!
  • Idiot!
  • Ass-pendeck.
  • Pinhead Dipshit!
  • Stop touching me!
  • This is terrorism at all!
  • Too many gorillas!
  • I don't have any bananas!
  • The cause is gonna strip you naked!
  • More drama for yo' mama!
  • Ghhmmp! That hurt.
  • That slut ruined my life.
  • I'll sue your ass!
  • Watch it!
  • We're being invaded!
  • What the fuck is going on?
  • The aliens are getting bold with their attacks!
  • Psst, Reptillians are taking over, pass it on!
  • Mommy, I'm so sorry for killing you, Mommy!
  • Can't you see I'm urinating here?
  • Oh no! They done killed another true seeker!
  • Robot man juice!
  • Call air support!
  • You see? Reptillian Death-Ray! Gotta be!
  • Ya'll aliens only want my sperm!
  • Cheesy vaginas!
  • I just need one more fix.
  • Fuck, where am I?
  • This is the apocalypse!
  • It's the Illuminati!

During A Fight

  • You'll be nice and cool, soon!
  • Hoho! Asswiping time!
  • I'm in a fuckin' zone!
  • Yeah! Come on shitpunky!
  • I'm gonna hang you up!
  • Well! Fuck all squared!
  • Hey! you fuckhead! You ready, eh?
  • Yeah! I'm a pissnick!
  • I'll eat you alive toadrag!
  • You ain't stealing no more sperm from me, alien!
  • That's it, mommy, I'm whooping you back to the grave!
  • It's time I stood up to you reptillians!
  • You're gonna be laying my eggs!
  • I'll Da Nang you good!



When in a firefight with the player

  • Come on give me some cover.
  • Take cover.
  • Take some fucking cover
  • Your a pain in the balls my friend.
  • I got this Son of a Bitch.
  • You want to go to war.
  • Watch out this fucker is crazy.
  • Take a look around we got you surrounded.
  • I got this fucking Pollock.(Heard only during Out of Commission/A Revengers Tragedy)
  • Get Down.
  • Ain't no way out of this you fucking son of a bitch.
  • I got you punk.
  • Hey dipshit no where else to go.
  • We got you surrounded asshole.
  • Ready to die Bitch?
  • I've had enough of you.
  • Look around we got you surrounded Ahaha.
  • There's no to go motherfucker.
  • Your a pain in my ass.
  • Take a look around buddy we got you.
  • You asked for this.
  • I live for this shit.
  • Time to pay the piper.

When in a near death state

  • Please don't kill me.
  • Don't kill me man I got kids.
  • I hurt my knee man.
  • Why would a guy like you shoot me again.

Russian Mafia

When in a firefight with the player

  • Hey asshole we got you!
  • Hey man no place to go.
  • Hey asshole your surrounded no where else to go.
  • Now you give up because you are fucked.
  • Gonna eat you alive!
  • Let us end this like gentlemen yes?
  • Yeah face me cowboy!
  • They call this you are fucked.
  • Goodbye to you.
  • Die you fucking bastard!
  • Take cover!
  • This ends here.
  • Head to Cover!
  • Here I come you Whore.
  • This one is for the old country.
  • You are surrounded.
  • I have them.
  • Now is your time!
  • Cover me you useless smucks!
  • Eat hard Metal.

Korean Mob

  • Look around your fucked now asshole!
  • Try this on for size.
  • There's no way out motherfucker!
  • Take cover.
  • Your making a big mistake.
  • Its been fun but the party is over.

North Holland Hustlers

  • Drop this fool.
  • Take that motherfucker!
  • I got a clean shot.
  • Let's move in Fam.
  • Damn son take cover.
  • Got you now.
  • Fuck this clown time to murk his ass.
  • You finished gangsta its a wrap.
  • Seize the day brothers lets russ him.
  • It on and popping now.
  • Play it safe take cover.
  • Man don't be stupid take cover.
  • Hommie down my nigga.

Spanish Lords

  • Give me a smile motherfucker.
  • I'ma show you who has cojones.
  • I have a shot.
  • You surrounded yo.
  • Cabrone!
  • Your mine amigo.
  • HAHA we have you trapped.
  • I'm doing you a favor you ugly bastard.
  • Your surrounded mama huevo.
  • Hey man over here pendejoe.
  • Get down!Get down!
  • This is the end of the line asshole.
  • Let's waste this punk man.
  • He's shooting hide!Hide!
  • He's going down.



During Chase

  • This the LCPD! One move and you are a dead man, you hear?
  • I need permission to blow his head off!
  • Police car mic: Stay where you are, LCPD!
  • I have confirmation on chicken shit.
  • Hello, uh... LPCD! Right?
  • Freeze! This is the LCPD!
  • LCPD! Get on the ground! Place your hands behind your head!
  • Do you think you can run from a chopper?
  • One squeeze, and you're wearing your balls for earrings.
  • Guess who's gonna get shot in the face?
  • Police car mic: LCPD, son! Don't you run, now!
  • Fuck! You're gonna make me run, aren't you?
  • That's right, son! You gettin' dropped!
  • Police car mic: Don't make me come after you!
  • I will pursue on foot!
  • Pursuing on foot!
  • I have a visual on the asshole.
  • Everyone hit the deck!
  • Everybody eat dirt!
  • I'm gonna shoot!
  • I'll shoot your tits off!
  • You're dead, buck-o!
  • Lay down, cabron!
  • You're mine, asswipe!
  • You're surrounded! Right here, right now!
  • You're dead, and you don't even know it yet.
  • I'm still gonna get ya!
  • You don't think you're going to escape from a whole group of cops, do you?
  • You sorry son of a bitch!
  • I smell the stink of guilt.
  • Would you come the hell back!?
  • Hey where are you going?!.....hello?!
  • This ends now!
  • Everyone get down and stay down until I say it's okay to get up.
  • Charge!
  • I'll shit in your mouth
  • LCPD people, get off the street!
  • Get of the street everyone!
  • Get out of the car now!
  • You can run, but you can't hide!
  • I've got a head-shot!
  • ¡Oye puta, te veo!
  • Human waste, dead ahead!
  • This is the LCPD, dont move!
  • Where you think ya gonna go, huh?
  • Shit, why do they have to run?
  • What is it with these people, escaping on foot all the time?
  • Get down numb-nuts!
  • I could get that shit stain myself
  • I got ya now dickweed!
  • Cover my ass!
  • You're dead, fucko!
  • Requesting NOOSE Team! (4+ Wanted)
  • Requesting NOOSE Team, now! (4+ Wanted)
  • Call the NOOSE! (4+ Wanted)
  • Everyone eat dirt!
  • Cover my ass!
  • Police car mic: You're trying my patience. Pull over.
  • Police car mic: I'm not fucking kidding, asshole!
  • Police car mic: This is your final warning! Pull over.
  • Police car mic: Pull over, or I'll be very mad.

During Arrest

  • You know carrying a weapon in this town, is a felony!
  • What are these, stolen credit cards huh?
  • That's another to add to the list of your crimes!


When fighting player

  • I need everyone to get down and stay down until I say it's okay to move.
  • Put your hands in the air.
  • I got you you Son of a bitch.
  • Alright everyone try to remain calm.
  • Everybody take cover.
  • Please evacuate the area quick.
  • Get down.
  • You are not safe here.
  • Everybody get down and stay calm.

When downed by player

  • Call 911 I'm bleeding out here.
  • Help me somebody help me.
  • I'm bleeding out here call 911 and get help fast.
  • I need help call for backup.
  • I've been shot please call an Ambulance.

Perseus Guard


  • I know you just were a problem.
  • Aha! Just like jail!
  • Goddamn bang!
  • I'm gonna lay you out!
  • Fuck outta here.
  • Oh shit!
  • You're gonna pay!
  • I'll bust your fucking head!
  • You're gonna get fucked up!
  • Yo man, what the fuck you want?
  • Get back, son!
  • Yo, put that shit away, yo!
  • Use it, or drop that shit!

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