...I'll Take Her/Script

This is the script for the "...I'll Take Her" mission in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone call

Niko Bellic: How's my favorite girl?

Patrick McReary: We need a picture of Grace, her pa thinks she's hold up with some guy. He don't believe we got her. Will you do it? Ma's still upset.

Niko Bellic: So, I'm a portrait photographer now? Okay I'll send you it on my phone.


(Niko arrives at kidnap location)

Gordon Sargent: Where you been? I've been jonesing for some fries for about five hours.

Niko Bellic: Sorry, your shift ain't over, Gordo. I'm just here for some holiday pics.

(If Niko stalls from taking a photo)

Gordon Sargent: Are you gonna photograph that fine lady, or what?

Gracie Ancelotti: Photograph her already, you being here might get her all excited.

Gordon Sargent: The sooner you take this fucking picture, the sooner we can give this lovely lady back to her daddy.

Gordon Sargent: You don't need to think too much about the composition. Just take the photo that proves she's alive.

Gordon Sargent: You going to take my picture as well, Niko?

(Niko approaches Gracie and slaps her to get her attention)

Niko Bellic: Hey, you been missing me? Look up here.


Niko Bellic: Come on Gracie, I want you looking pretty for the photo.

Niko Bellic: Don't cause me no more trouble, look up here.

(Niko points camera at Gracie)

Niko Bellic: Smile for your daddy Grace.

Gracie Ancelotti: Fuck you.

Gordon Sargent: See ya later man.


Gordon Sargent: Enjoy your freedom.

Gordon Sargent: Have fun out there.

(If Niko goes back into the room)

Gordon Sargent: There something you missed?

Gordon Sargent: What are you doing back?

Gordon Sargent: You forget something?

(If Niko lingers)

Gordon Sargent: From your sticking around here, I reckon you might have a soft spot for old Gracie.

Gordon Sargent: Why don't you make yourself useful and go get me some fries?

Gordon Sargent: Shit, Niko. If you're gonna hang around, why don't you look after the bitch?

Gordon Sargent: This is nice, Niko. You planning on hanging out here long?

Gordon Sargent: Niko, some fries would really hit the spot right now.

(Niko leaves the apartment)

Post mission phone calls

Patrick McReary

Patrick McReary: Nice one, Niko. Old Man Ancelotti won't believe his girl's hold up with a guy no more.

Niko Bellic: Not unless that guy's into some sick shit. Later on, Packie.

Ray Boccino

Ray Boccino: Nicky, I hear you and the Irish have got your hands on Ancelotti's daughter.

Niko Bellic: What's it to you?

Ray Boccino: It wouldn't be nothing, except I know that Ancelotti ain't gonna pay up. It's her pal, Gay Tony, that's coughing up with my damn ice. The diamonds that got robbed off you in the Libertonian. Well, we took it off Tony in the first place, but it shoulda ended there.

Niko Bellic: He must have robbed the diamonds off of Isaac. I got the money robbed off of me by a biker, remember? The diamonds were sold.

Ray Boccino: Don't get smart with me. Get me them diamonds off Tony. The Irish'll be square with that and you'll be square with me.

Niko Bellic: We're already square.

Post mission text message

Niko, Gerry has been trying to get hold of you - it's about your girl. Go see him in the can.

Failing the mission

Gordon dies

Niko Bellic: I need to control myself. Gordon's dead.

Patrick McReary: Jesus, Niko. What's wrong with you? You need to get some counseling or something because you're out of control. I'll talk to you later.

Gracie dies

Niko Bellic: Shit, man. I saw her and I got the rage. I killed Grace.

Patrick McReary: You dumb chump. She was my meal ticket. Gerry ain't gonna be happy with ya. You're lucky he's in prison.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Gordon Sargent: For now.

Niko Bellic: Having fun, Gordo?

Niko Bellic: Hey Gordon.

Gordon Sargent: Hey, what are ya doing? I was watching that.

Gordon Sargent: It's painful enough looking after Gracie, at least let me watch what I wanna.

Gordon Sargent: She's psychotic as fuck, Niko. You leave her for a second and the whole place is trashed.

Gordon Sargent: When you baby sit the bitch, you can choose what to watch.

Niko Bellic: Your problem, not mine.