Accepting the Truth/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Accepting the Truth", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Michael enters a non-descript building full ox boxes)

Michael De Santa: Hello?

(Michael walks into the building to look for someone)

Marnie Allen: Kifflom. You have come this far, but the journey has only just begun. You've waited years for this moment. You're exactly in the right place. I was lost. I sold myself. I took drugs. I was in conflict. Then I discovered an incredible truth. A truth so incredible, that if I told it to you now, you would melt into nothingness. You are ready, but you are not ready.

Michael De Santa: Oh, I'm not ready.

Marnie Allen: Then you're ready.

Michael De Santa: I don't know about that.

Marnie Allen: The truth is incredible, if you're capable of understanding it. We have your email address. We will send you an incredible education tool that will help you to unlock the secrets of the existence. That will cost as little as five thousand dollars.

Michael De Santa: Ooh. Five thousand?

Marnie Allen: What price would you put on having the tools to understanding everything and to achieving the impossible?

(Tom, another Epsilon Program follower, walks into the building)

Tom: The price I would put on that is every penny you've ever earned. Kifflom, sister-mother.

Marnie Allen: Well, the price I would put on it is all the money in the entire world. Because that is how much it is worth.

Tom: But we're offering you millions of dollars of top quality research and learning by society's best thinkers, for only five thousand dollars.

Marnie Allen: Think about it, Michael. And if you think too long, we know you're not ready.

(Marnie and the man begin to leave)

Tom: Kifflom!

Marnie Allen: Kifflom!

Michael De Santa: Okay.