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The following is a script of the mission "Actions Speak Louder than Words" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Gerald: No one's here. Just you and me. Come in, come in. Beer?

Niko: No, thank you.

Gerald: Oh, I agree... Let's have whiskey instead. Packie swears by you, absolutely swears by you.

Niko: Yeah?

Gerald: You handled yourself well on that bank job.

Niko: It was fun.

Gerald: Fun? Too much fun - that's always been this family's problem. Fun, good causes, a good laugh, some stupid dream or some stupid distraction. But never any fuckin' focus. Never!

Niko: Mmm, focus...

Gerald: All we've ever been is bitches. Working for guineas, working for niggers, any asshole with a buck. The whole lot spent in the proper manner, oh yeah, wine and women, as quick as possible, and remain a slave forever.

Niko: Very poetical.

Gerald: Yeah, I know, national tragedy. But I got a plan. You down, friend?

Niko: Maybe. What is it?

Gerald: Well first up, we gotta create a little problem between the Ancelottis and their Albanian muscle, for Jimmy P. You're gonna plant a bomb in Tony Black's car. It'll be rigged to a phone. Thing will go off with when you dial a number. I want it to blow when they get back from their meeting.

Niko: So the Ancelottis think the Albanians did it?

Gerald: Exactly. Bomb's in an alley off of Inchon Avenue. Get it, give me a call. You know Packie was right for once. I'm glad you're on board.

(Niko collects the bomb and calls Gerald)

Niko: So, Gerry. I got this bomb.

Gerald: Alright listen, the Ancelottis and the Albanians are meeting in Little Italy. Tony's car is parked in an alleyway off of Feldspar Street. Now you put the bomb in the trunk, then follow the wiseguys from their meeting back to the rest of their crew, then you blow the bomb. Make sure no one walks away. It's easy, right?

Niko: So easy I don't see why you ain't doing this yourself.

Gerald: Niko, I wouldn't trust myself with this task. You ain't got a gallon of whiskey in your system, and besides, you're bein' paid, ain't ya? Call me when it's done.

(Niko rigs the car with the bomb and moves away from it)

Sal: Hey, Big Tone, did you kick some ass or what?

Tony: The Albanians know they got us over a barrel, Sal. At least it's better than dealing with those fucking drunken Irish bastards though. Forget about it.

(Niko follows them and detonates the rigged bomb, then kills any surviving Ancelottis)

Post mission phone call

Niko: Gerry, I hit the Ancelottis crew real hard. Everyone got taken down. The rest of them should think the Albanian muscle is making a play.

Gerald: I knew me brother wouldn't put his faith in a bum. They'll be at them Albos in no time. That's step one of the plan complete. Come see me. We'll talk about step two.

Failing the mission

Bomb is destroyed

Niko: Gerald, it's Niko. This job is screwed. The bomb triggered before I could rig it to the car.

Gerald: Dammit, I wish there was an easier way. You meet me and we'll go over the plan.

Ancelotti car is damaged

Niko: Gerry, the car got screwed.

Gerald: Shit, Niko. We're gonna have to rethink this. Come see me.

Ancelottis are spooked

Niko: Hey man, the wiseguys got hip to me. I fucked things up.

Gerald: Niko, if you're following some guys back to a meet you gotta keep a low profile. Christ! Come back to Ma's.

Ancelottis get away

Niko: Gerry, I lost Tony's car. I couldn't blow the bomb when they were with their crew.

Gerald: That ain't gonna cut it, Niko. The rest of the Ancelottis won't get properly pissed unless everyone goes. Get your ass back here.

Leaving the meeting

Niko: Hey Gerry, I had to leave Tony Black and his boys for a while. I don't know what's happened to that bomb.

Gerry: Christ! Niko, they ain't gonna think the Albanians got beef with them if that car didn't blow. Come back to Ma's place.

Not detonating the bomb

Niko: Gerry, I didn't blow the bomb after Tony got back to his crew.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Gerald: Shit, that's too bad. I trust you did all you could for them. Come back and see me.