Alloy Wheels of Steel

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Alloy Wheels of Steel
Mitch Baker telling Tommy Vercetti that before he and his men provide security for the upcoming Love Fist concert, Vercetti needs to prove himself in a motorcycle race.

Mitch Baker telling Tommy Vercetti that before he and his men provide security for the upcoming Love Fist concert, Vercetti needs to prove himself in a motorcycle race.
Game GTA Vice City
For Big Mitch Baker
Target Win a bike race.
Location Downtown, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Failing to finish in first place
Attacking and/or killing a biker
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Messing with the Man
Unlocked by Love Juice

Alloy Wheels of Steel is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Bikers leader "Big" Mitch Baker from The Greasy Chopper bar in Downtown, Vice City.


Tommy has started helping the band Love Fist organize their concert but their manager Kent Paul is looking for a security and he suggests Tommy to meet the local Biker gang's leader at The Greasy Chopper, saying that it would also be great publicity. Tommy goes to the bar looking for Mitch Baker and after asking whether he's interested, Tommy is made fun of by Mitch who is playing pool and is questioned whether he can handle a bike before going any further with the alliance he's looking for. Mitch sends three of his bikers, Cougar, Zeppelin, and an unnamed third biker to race Tommy in an Angel race. Tommy wins the race and thus proves that he can handle a bike pretty well.


(Tommy inside The Greasy Chopper and the bikers.)

Tommy Vercetti: Where's Baker? (the bartender points at the pool table, and Tommy goes towards it) I'm looking for Big Mitch Baker...

Mitch Baker: Who's lookin'?

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti.

Mitch Baker: Vercetti. You don't look like the law, so that's bought you a minute. You better talk fast.

Tommy Vercetti: Kent Paul said you might be interested in pulling security for a gig he's got set up.

Mitch Baker: Kent Paul? Sheesh! No wonder he sent ya. The last time he was here he left through the window in nothing but his limey birthday suit.

Tommy Vercetii: Are you interested or not?

Mitch Baker: We only do favors for our own.

Tommy Vercetti: How do I join?

Mitch Baker: This ain't no country club, boy. Can you handle a bike?

Tommy Vercetti: Can you sit on a stool and drink?

Mitch Baker: Cougar, Zeppelin, go see how this girl handles a bike...

(Outside, Tommy Vercetti and the bikers start racing.)

Cougar: All right, fancy clothes. Let's see what you can do.


The reward for this mission is $1,000. The mission Messing with the Man is unlocked.


  • The name of the mission may be a reference to the Saxon song Wheels of Steel released in 1980. Coincidentally, the same song appears in The Lost and Damned on LRR.
  • The song heard during the opening cutscene is Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes. It is also featured on the radio station Flash FM.
  • When Mitch says "You don't look like the law", Vercetti can be wearing the VCPD uniform, and the mission cutscene will still continue.
  • The opponents in this mission have bikes that handle a lot better than normal Angels. If the player wants to give him or her a better chance of winning, stealing one of these is a good idea. However, the race will then start automatically and no three second countdown will occur.
  • The Angels ridden by the three competing bikers have handling and acceleration superior to a normal Angel, and they retain these features after the mission is complete; however, if the player saves them in a garage, they will lose their abilities.
  • The bikers will always crash into the wall of the Hyman Condo once they reach it. This can be used to the player's advantage if they want to win the race.
  • A good strategy to winning the race is to hang a short distance behind the bikers until they reach the Hyman Condo, where they will crash and fall off. Once the bikers ahead of you crash into the wall and fall off, put the pedal to the metal and you should easily win the race. Do not attempt to overtake the bikers until they reach the Hyman Condo, the bikers drive aggressively and they will sometimes drive straight into you to dismount you if you go near them on the sides.

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