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The following article is a walkthrough of the mission Alloy Wheels of Steel for Vice City Bikers leader Mitch Baker


Kent Paul has ordered you to go to The Greasy Chopper bar in order to convince the Bikers to give protection to Love Fist for their upcoming concert. The gang's leader, Mitch Baker, who is playing pool against Cougar, makes fun of you and questions your ability to handle a bike. Mitch sends three of his bikers, Cougar, Zeppelin and an unnamed third biker to race against you, in order to determine whether he will be going any further with the alliance you're looking for.

As soon as the mission cutscene finishes, grab one of the Angels parked in front of the bar and ride into the pink starting halo. Although the mission allows you to use either a Freeway or an Angel, it is a better choice to use the Angel over the Freeway, as the Angel has better acceleration, better handling and a higher top speed. Try and park your Angel as forward as possible in the pink halo. After you have done so, a three second countdown will begin. Once the three second countdown has been completed, the race will start.

Once the race has begun, hang back behind the three bikers but do not overtake them. The bikers will always crash into the wall of the Hyman Condo once they reach it. This can be used to your advantage if they want to win the race.

A good strategy to winning the race is to hang a short distance behind the bikers until they reach the Hyman Condo, where they will crash and fall off. Once the bikers ahead of you crash into the wall and fall off, put the pedal to the metal and you should easily win the race. Do not attempt to overtake the bikers until they reach the Hyman Condo, the bikers drive aggresively and they will sometimes drive straight into you to dismount you if you go near them on the sides. Also, try to hit the coronas through the centre, because if you try to hit them on the side, there is a chance that you will miss and then you will have to go back to drive through it, costing you time and distance.

Alternate Method

The Angels ridden by the three competing bikers have handling and acceleration superior to that of a normal Angel. If you want to have a better chance of winning the race, stealing one of these is a good idea. However, the race will then start automatically and no three second countdown will occur.

Video Walkthrough

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