Vice City Bikers

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Vice City Bikers
Members of the Vice City Bikers.
Games: GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
Leader: Mitch Baker
Type: Motorcycle gang
Enemies: Sharks, Cholos, Vance Crime Family, Patrol Invest Group
Affiliations: Vercetti Gang (1986 - ?)
Love Fist (1986 - ?)
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Angel
Weapons: Pistol, Micro-SMG, Scorpion (Like the Sharks, bikers only use this weapon in GTA VCS if the player attacks their business)
Businesses: Protection racket, loan sharking, prostitution, smuggling, drugs trafficking and robbery.
Fronts: The Greasy Chopper
Members: Cougar, Harris Mint, Gabe Hiker and Zeppelin

The Vice City Bikers are a gang in the 3D Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - simply put, they are "the biggest family of misfits, outcasts and badasses" as quoted by their leader, "Big" Mitch Baker. A group of stereotypical bikers, they wear leather, give off a gruff, tough persona, have long beards and hair, wear biker attire and ride chopper style motorcycles. Circa 1986, they are the only gang, along with the Cuban Gang, that Tommy Vercetti opens relations without forcibly taking it over.

Events of GTA VC and VCS


In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Bikers are revealed to be a large gang owning several businesses in Downtown Vice City and Vice Point. They appear to be at war with other local gangs the Sharks and Cholos for Empire sites. In 1984, during Victor Vance's takeover, the Bikers were ultimately forced into hiding controlling a very small part of south Downtown where their base of operations is run out of The Greasy Chopper. They also apparently run some kind of business out of the Moist Palms Hotel as they can be found there in GTA Vice City during rampages and in the mission Taking the Fall in GTA VCS.


In 1986, shortly after the completion of Love Juice, Kent Paul gives Tommy Vercetti a call that Love Fist won't start their concert in Vice City without protection. He requests Tommy to go to The Greasy Chopper to try and convince the Bikers to give Love Fist protection, saying it would be great publicity and that he will give Tommy backstage passes for the concert. Tommy goes to the bar looking for Mitch Baker and after asking whether he's interested, Tommy is made fun of by Mitch who is playing pool and is questioned whether he can handle a bike before going any further with the alliance he's looking for.

During the first mission, Mitch Baker gives him a race to prove his skill with Cougar, Zeppelin and a third, unnamed biker. Right after the mission's completion, Tommy gets anxious and demands that Baker protect Love Fist, but Baker responds to him that this is about family and not a battle. On his second mission, Baker (who is arm wrestling against Cougar) tells Tommy to wreak havoc in Downtown. On his last mission, Baker (who is playing a pinball machine) tells Tommy that he must steal back his bike from the Sharks and then take it back to The Greasy Chopper bar. Right after the completion of the mission, Baker calls Tommy to confirm that he has given some protection for the Love Fist concert. In a phone call after the completion of the mission Publicity Tour for Love Fist, the player will receive a phone call from Mitch Baker saying that he attended the concert, it was good and that Tommy is one of them.


Unlike conventional gangs, the Vice City Bikers do not congregate or move in groups, but rather they ride their bikes on the streets of Downtown separately or occasionally in pairs, unless the player is doing a rampage that involves killing Bikers. In that case, large groups of Bikers can be seen congregating, talking with each other, moving as a group, attacking as a group and acting like a conventional gang. Bikers are not ordinarily hostile to Tommy, and will only occasionally attack in self-defense; unlike conventional gangs, Bikers do not usually attack Tommy if he injures or kills a biker, although they occasionally do. Normally if the player shoots at a riding Biker or their motorcycle, they will dismount and run away. To make the Bikers appear in groups outside of rampages, the player must modify the pedgrp.dat file to add Bikers to any of the pedestrian groupings (they are internally named "Bka" and "Bkb"), then go to the area that they modified. Bikers should soon start appearing in groups.

Bikers that accidentally ride into Prawn Island and/or Vice Point may attack or be attacked by the Vercetti Gang, Sharks or Patrol Invest Group. Likewise, Bikers that ride into Little Haiti or Little Havana will be attacked either by the Haitians or the Cubans. The Bikers are rarely seen being chased by the police, but if a biker is seen being chased by a police officer, the player can obtain a $50 "Good Citizen Bonus" for each punch/kick delivered to a fleeing biker. However, the player must avoid hitting the chasing Police Officer, or they will obtain a one or two star wanted level.


The Hells Angels biker gang is the inspiration for the gang, as they are later hired as security for a concert of the hair metal band Love Fist. This is an obvious reference to the disastrous Rolling Stones' show at Altamont, where Hell's Angels were hired as security and an Angel stabbed a member of the crowd. They appear to be heavily influenced by German Culture, for some of them have Eiserne Kreuze (Iron Cross) tattoos on their shoulders, as well as wearing Pickelhaubes.

Known Territory as of 1986

  • The Greasy Chopper - Motor bar, base of operations for gang, Big Mitch Baker's favorite hangout.
  • Moist Palms Hotel - Possibly pays protection, as there are thirty Bikers hanging out outside.


  • The Vice City Bikers are the smallest gang in Vice City.
  • The Vice City Bikers are the smallest gang in GTA Vice City to be used in a rampage.
  • The Vice City Bikers are the only gang that the police don't chase or attack (except if they appear in groups).
  • Like with the Patrol Invest Group, the Vice City Bikers' favorite radio stations are V-Rock, VCPR, and Emotion 98.3.